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Puma Westerner Single Action Revolvers

Puma Westerner Single Action Revolvers

Puma Westerner Single Action Revolvers

Puma Rifles

Puma Rifles

Puma Rifles - -( The all new PUMA Westerner has been developed by F. lli Pietta of Italy, a leader in Italian-made reproduction firearms. Pietta has devoted several years of R&D effort to the authenticity and attention to detail in making this Colt SAA clone. This single action revolver has been designed to satisfy the demands of CAS shooting as well as the discerning eye of the Old West enthusiast. The Puma Westerner offers authenticity and durability that will satisfy the most demanding expert of single action revolvers, at an affordable price. Available in .45LC, .357 Mag, and .44-40 calibers, models include 4 3/4”, 5 1/2”, 7 1/2” barrel lengths in stainless steel with white grips or case-hardened/bluedwith one-piece walnut grips.

Western Revolvers:
Caliber N umber F inish/Grip B arrel MSRP
.45LC PWP73002 Case Hardened/Walnut 4.75” $529.00
.45LC PWP73003 Case Hardened/Walnut 5.5” $529.00
.45LC PWP73004 Case Hardened/Walnut 7.5” $529.00
.357MAG PWP73006 Case Hardened/Walnut 4.75” $529.00
.357MAG PWP73007 Case Hardened/Walnut 5.5” $529.00
.357MAG PWP73008 Case Hardened/Walnut 7.5” $529.00
.44/40 PWP73010 Case Hardened/Walnut 4.75” $529.00
.44/40 PWP73011 Case Hardened/Walnut 5.5” $529.00
.44/40 PWP73012 Case Hardened/Walnut 7.5” $529.00
.45LC PWP73080 Case Hardened/Brassass/Walnut 4.75” $529.00
.45LC PWP73081 Case Hardened/Brass/Walnut 5.5” $529.00
.45LC PWP73082 Case Hardened/Brass/Walnut 7.5” $529.00
.357MAG PWP73083 Case Hardened/Brass/Walnut 4.75” $529.00
.357MAG PWP73084 Case Hardened/Brass/Walnut 5.5” $529.00
.357MAG PWP73085 Case Hardened/Brass/Walnut 7.5” $529.00
.45LC PWP73142 Nickel/Walnut 5.5” $599.00
.45LC PWP73143 Nickel/Walnut 7.5” $599.00
.357MAG PWP73145 Nickel/Walnut 4.75” $599.00
.357MAG PWP73146 Nickel/Walnut 5.5” $599.00
.357MAG PWP73147 Nickel/Walnut 7.5” $599.00
.44/40 PWP73149 Nickel/Walnut 4.75” $599.00
.44/40 PWP73150 Nickel/Walnut 5.5” $599.00
.44/40 PWP73151 Nickel/Walnut 7.5” $599.00
.357MAG PWP73289 Case Hardened/Bird’s Head/Walnut 4.75” $599.00
.45LC PWP73297 Case Hardened/Bird’s Head/Walnut 4.75” $599.00
.45LC PWP73403 Stainless Steel/White 4.75” $750.00
.45LC PWP73404 Stainless Steel/White 5.5” $750.00
.45LC PWP73405 Stainless Steel/White 7.5” $750.00
.357MAG PWP73413 Stainless Steel/White 4.75” $750.00
.357MAG PWP73414 Stainless Steel/White 5.5” $750.00
.357MAG PWP73415 Stainless Steel/White 7.5” $750.00

Armisport Chiappa was founded in Brescia, Italy in 1958 by Ezechiele Chiappa and specialized in replica Black powder and muzzle loading firearms. Over the past 50 years the company has evolved into what is known today as “The Chiappa Group” and is chaired by Ezechiele’s son Rino Chiappa. The Chiappa Group has established a reputation of providing quality firearms and services in a worldwide market through experience and a commitment to its customers to uniquely blend old world hand craftsmanship with the most modern of machining technology. This blend of craftsmanship and technology has yielded treasures of the past which are truly antique art in the form of arms. Today, the Chiappa Firearms group is a solid and fluent reality, with a commitment to shooting enthusiasts offering a wide variety of high quality products worldwide. Chiappa Firearms is proud to be involved in the evolution of the Puma 92 series of lever action rifles and Legacy Sports International’s desire to make available the highest quality product that modern manufacturing techniques can allow, while maintaining a commitment to historical accuracy and traditional values.

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    1. george seashock on April 17, 2014 at 2:37 PM said:

      Hi; I bought a Pietta Puma Westerner on Gunbroker that was listed as new. The gun is in excellent condition and has a great action and trigger. I have no complaints about the gun whatsoever. However, the inner foam box it came in was broken into pieces and I was hoping you would send me a new one? It’s too nice of a gun not to have the inner foam box. Thank you. George Seashock 121 Hemlock Drive Dallas, PA 18612

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