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Shults Media Relations A Public Relations Firm For The Firearms And Sporting Goods Industry
Jim is a persistent, articulate media adviser that brings us quality content that our readers enjoy. –

Shults Media Relations

Shults Media Relations

Grand Junction, CO – -( Shults Media Relations, LLC, Started by Jim Shults five years ago, draws on 25 years of editorial and management experience with well know industry magazines like: Modern Gun Magazine, Free Gun Magazine, Gung-Ho Magazine, and Soldier of Fortune Magazine.

In addition to his editorial experience Shults has also written hundreds of articles for firearm, military, and outdoor magazines including Sports Afield and numerous NRA publications including the American Rifleman.

Shults feels that his magazine management, public relations and advertising background offers a significant advantage to his shooting sports clients.

As Shults says – “I understand public relations from the media’s viewpoint. Full-service media and public relations is much more than just press releases, it is a spectrum of many varied types of promotion of a client’s products or services to the media, distributors, retailers and consumers.”

Having been on the receiving end of thousands of press releases over the years and in discussions with other publishers, editors and writers (many who have worked for him) Shults knows what works. Coupled with ten years of retail and wholesale sporting-goods management Shults Media Relations provides its clients with an in-depth background that is unique in the firearms and sporting goods industry.

“We offer a very reasonably priced, aggressive, highly-effective PR service and can bring thousands of contacts to the table. And, if desired by the client, our team offers consulting efforts in the areas of advertising and marketing, said Shults.

A precise level of properly applied PR can get real results while providing the prospective media outlets with the kind of information their specialized audiences can use.”

PR from an Experience Shooter
Shults understands shooting and has a strong background as an experienced shooter. He has won hundreds of NRA local, state, regional and national shooting championships and set four national records. He is DCM/NRA Distinguished Rifleman, NRA Master in multiple-disciplines, outdoorsman, and with has trained and consulted SWAT and counter-terrorism units around the world.

Its a new year with many challenges ahead, if you are looking to expand your current marketing efforts or considering a PR agency drop Jim and Shults Media Relations an email.

For more information please contact
Jim Shults
Shults Media Relations, LLC
  • 3 User comments to “Shults Media Relations a PR Firm For The Firearms Industry”

    1. I remember reading an article in “modern gun” that discussed some remarkable ballistics from the 1911. The project involved cutting .308 brass to .45ACP length and, instead of reaming the case mouth to accommodate .45 bullets, seating .41 caliber bullets in those shortened .308 cases. Of course this meant having a .41 caliber barrel with a .45ACP chamber which would, obviously, require added caution.
      At last I have a 1911 and desperately want to try something similar, but I can’t find that article (or anything similar). Can anyone help me find that info?

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