Critically Acclaimed Series – On Your Own Adventures – Moves to Sportsman Channel

Critically Acclaimed Series – On Your Own Adventures – Moves to Sportsman Channel
Show Concept Based on Self-Guided Hunts on Public Lands Led by Randy Newberg.

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Critically Acclaimed Series - On Your Own Adventures - Moves to Sportsman Channel
Sportsman Channel
Sportsman Channel

New Berlin, Wis. –-( Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American Sportsman, announced today fan-favorite and top-rated show, On Your Own Adventures, is moving to Sportsman Channel.

Starting in July, 2011 with Season Three of the benchmark of “do it yourself” hunts.

Led by host, Randy Newberg, avid sportsman and conservationist, On Your Own Adventures, takes the American hunting experience as it occurs for 90 percent of hunters and brings it to TV. Produced by Warm Springs Productions, On Your Own Adventures will air during Sportsman Channel’s “Monday Night Traditions” at 10:30 pm ET starting this summer.

“On Your Own Adventures is another example of the premiere programming that makes Sportsman Channel the ultimate television destination for the American Sportsman,” said Gavin Harvey, Sportsman Channel’s CEO.

“Randy Newberg broke the mold in creating a show that is all shot on public lands, a reality for most of our viewers during their hunting seasons. We both believe hunting is who we are and how we live and On Your Own Adventures brings that same level of hard-core reality hunting to the viewers.”

Season Three shows all big-game hunting with six elk hunts, an Alaska bear hunt, antelope, whitetails, and mule deer. Of the 13 new episodes, four archery episodes result in four Pope and Young animals taken, all self-guided, on public land. In one episode, Newberg shows viewers how they can go to Alaska and hunt black bear for less than $2,000.

“It is hard to describe my level of excitement to have On Your Own Adventures be part of the Sportsman Channel,” said host and producer, Newberg.

“Sportsman Channel sought out On Your Own Adventures for the programming we bring, the audience we deliver, and the quality of our production. We embraced Sportsman Channel for the quality of their organization and for the level of serious hunters that is the Sportsman Channel viewer.”

Newberg says this season viewers will learn how any hunter can get an elk tag and have a great hunt.

“We head to Colorado and chase elk on an Over-The-Counter elk tag that any person can buy and have a public land hunt on the 23 million acres of public land found in Colorado.”

“We use new tools, old tricks, and hard work to take many great animals with rifle, bow, muzzloader – all on public land, and all On Your Own,” stated Newberg.

Newberg posts his hunts as they happen, live, on his website. The Hunt Talk forums at, are filled with some of the greatest stories and pictures of America’s most hard-core western hunters. These are hunters who are living the On Your Own life, and sharing information and ideas to help others wanting to learn more about On Your Own hunting

Randy Newberg lives in Bozeman, Montana, where he and his family have spent the last twenty years chasing western game on the public lands of the Northern Rockies. Originally from northern Minnesota, Randy comes from a family and culture of serious hunters – On Your Own Hunters who understand that the importance of hunting is the hunt itself. Time in the field with family and friends, living the hunting lifestyle, and dedicating himself to conservation efforts is what Randy’s life is all about – a lifestyle he brings to On Your Own Adventures.

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