Texas Feral Hog Public Hunting Opportunities

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

AUSTIN, Texas –-(Ammoland.com)- According to survey results compiled by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service 74% of Texas’ 254 counties contain feral hog populations and there is a good chance Texas Parks & Wildlife Department offers feral hog hunting opportunities in those counties on almost 1 million acres of Public Hunting Lands scattered across the state.

Right now is as good a time as any to hit the woods feral hog hunting. Given the drought conditions across the state hunters can anticipate feral hogs being around whatever water sources are available, especially with acorn-producing trees nearby.

In East Texas there are several Wildlife Management Areas that offer year-round hog hunting, but staff recommends keying in on those areas associated with rivers such as Alabama Creek, Alazan Bayou, Angelina Neches/Dam B, North Toledo Bend, and Blue Elbow Swamp Wildlife Management Areas.

With the purchase of a hunting license and a $48 Annual Public Hunting Permit hunters will be mailed a publication that includes maps, legal game box descriptions, and means and methods of hunting for each and every Wildlife Management Area, Public Hunting Land, State Park, etc…available in our Public Hunting Program.

Additionally, folks can digitally-scout these areas before heading down the highway by visiting http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/huntwild/hunt/public/lands/maps/

The Mission of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, (TPWD), is to manage and conserve the natural and cultural resources of Texas and to provide hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation opportunities for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. Visit: www.tpwd.state.tx.us

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    1. I have just relocated to Texas after supporting military operations from Germany the past eight years… during that time I developed a sincere affinity for shooting the Russian boar… I enjoy hunting deer, but enjoy hunting pig the best… I would sincerely appreciate any points of contact or recommendations you might be able to share to get me to the right place with the right people…as a retiree, I have time for volunteer work either with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department… or with individual landowners that need help maintaining their property… I was a registered Schutzenmeister in Germanu and Range Safety Officer (RSO) with the US Army Europe (USAREUR)…. thank you for your time and I look forward to any advise you can provide…

      Sincerely Norman Griffith

      1. I will be in Austin for the week of the 18th for work and would like to help you out on a hunt or two.
        Did you have any luck so far?

    2. Hi Im looking to hunt hogs for free in January 2016 with a few friends as we have 2 weeks open from our first hunting show in Dallas until our next show in Las Vegas. Any rancher with problems we will be able to assist. Thanks Egene

    3. I and my son-in-law would like to come to Texas to hunt hogs. Experienced. Safe, dedicated hunters. Can provide liability releases if required. Any ranchers with problems we will be able to assist. Thank you. .

    4. Looking for places around Georgetown that I cam hog hunt on for free or in exchange for some of the meat I get there. Can hunt with a rifle or bow. Your choice. If you have land that you will allow me to hunt on my email I hkm33199@yahoo.com

    5. I would like to camp/hunt feral hogs with my girlfriend. We will be ready to hunt/camp/hike this fall 2015. Please email me if you have land to do this. You can keep the meat.

    6. I am looking for JOB. For work in area hunt hogs/ deer and maintenance hunt areas: food containers, stands shooting houses……….etc…I have experience in electrician/electronics appliances, simple auto/mechanic, reemplace parts(alternators, stares, water pump, tuneup….) little experience in electrical welder and construction carpenter. If somebody wants my help, please send a EMAIL.
      I am living in houston, texas. I have my record criminal clear, no drugs.
      I am american citizen and honest person

      pero me veo como mexicano, soy tambien mexicano, hablo como mexicano,

    7. Army retire combat infantry veteran, have time in the world to help out in getting rid of feral hogs. I understand there is a program to feeding the needy people in Austin area. I have hunted in Germany, Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana and Texas, deer, Russian boar, javelina, mountain sheep, fowls and exotic animals. I have bow and weapons.

    8. Looking around the Dallas/FT. Worth area for Deer or Hog hunting. This would be on my Bucket List, for a big BUCK. I Thank You for any help.

    9. Retired USAF NCO looking for a place to get some meat for my table and family. I shot for the USAF Rifle team ages ago but can still hit what I aim for. I have lots of weapons but my favorite hunting rifle is a wildcat 6.5/06. His name is “Dropper” for a reason. Looking for free pig hunts or for a place that needs help fixing up the place. Care taking is NOT a “free ride”. Anyone interested in someone like me please send email. Thanks

    10. I am a retired toolmaker and live in Frisco Texas. I am looking for a place to hunt hogs. If you have a hog problem and would like to get rid of a few maybe I can help. I would be willing to gather or move hay bales or any tractor work for this privilege.

    11. Just looking for a place to hunt hogs and coyotes
      My dad and i are experienced shooters we clean up after ourselves and we clean our own kills
      willing to give half of our hog meat

    12. Looking for a affordable place my son’s & i could come hunt hogs would be 2 to 4 hunters . Would like to do this in the spring of 2016

    13. I would like to have a hog hunting job in Texas…im single with no family or kids, so I’ll live in the woods , if the rancher provides a small room to stay in…I love the outdoors…
      (No felonies)
      (American citizen)
      (San Antonio Texas citizen for 33 years)

    14. looking for a place to hunt hogs for meat for my self and wife both satey and protery will be respeted have guns or bows

    15. I am coming from Alaska to hunt hogs with a couple friends. Any farmers that would like to get rid of some feral hogs at a reasonable price please contact me. I am flying into Houston and planning on staying in Lufkin May 1-May 4. Thanks

    16. Hello my name is Bj I have 9 kids to to feed and I am looking for a place to go hog hunting to feed my kids and family job is cutting back hours and not making enough to to keep the steed grocery bill on an even flow need just a little help I live in Weatherford Texas I don’t know enough people to ask about Hunting I hunt with some friends but they are not as up on Hunting as I am I do it to feed my family they do it too drink and waist time please help…

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