Magnum Research 50 Action Express Desert Eagle

By David Gonzales
AmmoLand Youtube Firearms Reporter

Magnum Research Desert Eagle Pistol Brushed Chrome
Magnum Research Desert Eagle Pistol Brushed Chrome
AmmoLand YouTube Gun Reporter
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Albuquerque, NM –-( First, watch Jeffrey Quinn from take a look at the Desert Eagle chambered in .50 Action Express.

The Desert Eagle is a very large framed gas operated semi-automatic pistol jointly designed by our friends in Israel and Magnum Research in the United States.

An interesting note of trivia that I took away from this video: Did you know that it has a rotating bolt mechanism which resembles that of the M16 family of rifles?

I sure didn’t.

This is one of those firearms that has shown up in quite a few Hollywood movies. However, I have yet to see one of them at one of my local gun range or even for sale at one of my nearby gun shops.

But would I shoot one if I had the opportunity? Heck yes!

If I had the funds would I purchase one? Why yes, yes I would. Count me in to purchase probably two (one for each hand!), along with those awesome looking suppressors made especially for them and a few cases of ammunition!

Another item that occurred to me while watching this video was that I couldn’t help but wonder who goes to their local gun shop to buy this particular firearm? Who is going to slap down their hard earned greenbacks in order to take one of these babies home? I quickly realized that the answer to that question does not matter.

That I should just be grateful that most of us law abiding citizens in the United States still live in places where we can legally own such an amazing pistol.

About David Gonzales:
David Gonzales grew up with firearms and has many fond memories of hunting with his grandfather. He enjoys participating in the occasional shooting match, going to the gun range with his family and friends and still has much to learn about firearms. However, he became a certifiable “Gun Nut” in 2008 when he realized that the constitutional right he took for granted could so easily be taken away. Did you see something on YouTube that David Should review. Leave a link in the comments below.

  • 2 thoughts on “Magnum Research 50 Action Express Desert Eagle

    1. Saving for one of those right now, saw one at my gun shop, after drooling on the display case, decided I must add to my collection

    2. @s. johnson- Glad you got to see one. In my neck of the woods they are like some mythical beast that people talk about but know one has really seen.

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