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MGM Ironman 3 Gun Competitions

P.O.F. USA Announced as Major Sponsor of MGM Ironman 3 Gun Competitions

MGM Targets

MGM Targets

Caldwell, ID --( Travis Gibson, Vice President of MGM Targets and Match Director of the MGM Ironman 3 Gun Competition announced today that P.O.F. USA Patriot Ordinance Factory Inc (, has signed on as the Major Match Sponsor for the MGM Ironman 3 Gun Competition, held every June in Parma, ID.

They will be replacing FNH as the Major Match Sponsor who will continue to be a big supporter of MGM matches including being the Major Match Sponsor of the MGM Grand Nationals.

P.O.F USA has been a long time sponsor of MGM Targets matches and other major shooting events such as the Mystery Mountain 3 Gun, Tactics Precision Rifle Challenge, and the Oregon Sniper Challenge to name a few. They also sponsor events like Hunts for Heros and the NRA. Their support of the shooting sports is one of the most generous in the industry.

Travis Gibson, stated, “Frank (P.O.F. USA owner) has sponsored the match for many years and offered to be the major match sponsor several times. It seems like every match I go to he has at least a couple of rifles on the prize table and everyone gets some cool swag, and that’s if he isn’t already the major sponsor! This guy is generous to a fault and one of the most sincere patriots I know. MGM Targets and I are personally honored to be associated with him.”



For the past two years, FNH USA ( has been the major match sponsor of the MGM Ironman 3 Gun competition. FNH’s donations of over $10,000 for the last two years have made the MGM prize table one of the best in the nation.

Some of the items included in their donations were shotguns, pistols, .308 bolt action rifles, and even SCAR rifles!! Needless to say, there were some VERY happy shooters at the end of the event!

Based on a decision to become the major match sponsor of another MGM event, the MGM Grand Nationals (, FNH asked if MGM might be able to find another company willing to step up and take over the Major Sponsor role….Enter P.O.F. USA. After a 30 second conversation with the owner, a decision was made. They were in.

MGM Targets is very thankful to FNH for their continuing support of their matches and extremely happy to welcome P.O.F. as Major Match Sponsor.

For more information on the MGM Ironman, visit .

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