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Barnett Predator 375 CarbonLite Crossbow

Barnett Predator 375 CarbonLite Crossbow

Barnett Outdoors

Barnett Outdoors

Tarpon Springs, FL --( The Barnett Predator 375 CarbonLite is no doubt on the top of the food chain when it comes to crossbows.

Like all the top predators, this powerhouse of a crossbow is stealthy, silent, fast and deadly.

When the moment of truth arrives, you won’t have to second guess yourself with the Predator 375 CarbonLite in hand.

One of the fastest bows on the market, the Predator 375 CarbonLite features Carbon Riser Technology (CRT) providing it with the balance and feel necessary for easier transport and steadier shots. This proprietary technology has been cast into Barnett’s patented Shoot Thru Foot Riser. The Shoot Thru Riser design lengthens the power stroke of the bow without placing the cocking string beyond arm’s length, allowing for increased speeds and stored energy levels unequaled in the industry. Boasting a 5-to-1 safety factor, this ultralight, super strong riser affords the best balance available.

This extremely aggressive bow shoots a remarkable 375 fps and features an ADF (anti dry fire) Trigger System, which eliminates unintentional and costly dry fires, so its speed and dependability are never in question. In addition, thе over-molded, laminated limbs reduce noise аnԁ vibration up tο 30%. You’ll also rest easier knowing there is plenty of power in the wheel house when you need it most.

The Predator CRT’s Crosswire® premium crossbow strings are designed from a proprietary manufacturing process that blends Barnett’s fibers with the industry’s toughest-serving materials, resulting in the most stable and reliable string in the industry.

Additional features include a 3 1/2-pound trigger pull and MIM trigger (metal injected molded) trigger and an adjustable cheek piece and butt pad.

The package comes complete with a quiver and four high quality Easton arrows, an illuminated reticle scope and rope-cocking device.

The Predator is yet another reason why Barnett is the world’s number one manufacturer of crossbows. Proudly made in the USA.

Technical Specifications:

  • Draw Weight: 175
  • Ft. Lbs of Energy: 133
  • Power Stroke: 15″
  • FPS: 375
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Length: 37″
  • Width: 24″
  • Arrow Length: 22″

From its inception, over a half century ago, Barnett Crossbows has led the industry with pioneering innovations and patents to become the world’s number one manufacturer of crossbows. Barnett’s engineers have created its latest range of crossbows based on the changing needs and desires of today’s hunters. Lightweight, adjustable and powerful, Barnett has brought crossbow technology to the height it stands at today. Barnett is committed to delivering high quality performance products with unparalleled service and value for all that use the Barnett Range. Built for maximum speed, efficiency and Built for the Hunt!

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    1. where are you located and how many cost the predator crossbow with the expedition in ITALY.

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