Joe Biden, Don’t Lecture us On Embassy Security, Barbados But NOT Benghazi?

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Washington DC – -( In the VP debate, when Congressman Ryan asked why we had Marines stationed at other embassies on 9/11 but not in Benghazi, Joe Biden asserted he didn’t need a “lecture on embassy security” and then went to on criticize the Romney/Ryan ticket for allegedly politicizing the Benghazi attacks.

Problem: the U.S. did have Marines at the embassy in Barbados on 9/11, so why weren’t there any in Benghazi?

Biden’s response to Ryan’s question was to arrogantly dismiss the inquiry, then attack the questioner. Step three was then to shift any remaining blame by pointing fingers at the intelligence community and boldly declaring, “We did not know they wanted more security.”

But why were there Marines stationed at the embassy in Barbados, and, according to Ryan, a Marine detachment guarding our ambassador in Paris? Why did some embassies and ambassadors have Marine protection but the embassy near which there was an armed Al Qaeda cell had none?

Biden has yet to answer this question.

AWR Hawkins
AWR Hawkins

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  • 3 thoughts on “Joe Biden, Don’t Lecture us On Embassy Security, Barbados But NOT Benghazi?

    1. A problem (there are many) is that the lefty MSM won’t call the lies of liberal politicians. If Ryan had lied even a little bit, be sure the MSM would call it. They even made some up!

    2. Somebody in our current regime wanted Stevens dead. We will never find out who he pissed off to that extreme but there is no other reason to send disarmed security to a battle. Can anyone imagine Obama tucking his children in at night without a crew of ARMED bodyguards?

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