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NBC Anchor and Meet the Press Host David Gregory breaks DC gun laws while insisting on more gun laws!

David Gregory Breaks Gun Law While Insisting On More Gun Laws

David Gregory Breaks Gun Law While Insisting On More Gun Laws

AmmoLand Gun News

AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ --( During a long anticipated interview with Wayne Lapierre of the National Rifle Association on Sunday December 23rds episode of “Meet the Press” , NBC Anchor and Host David Gregory violated a Washington DC gun law, while angrily demanding that Lapierre and the NRA acquiesce on the need for more gun laws.

Gregory held up a STANDARD CAPACITY 30 round magazine for a modern sporting rifle known by its model name, the AR-15. Using it as a prop to drive home his demands.

Gregory’s mere possession of the magazine at any point within the DC metro area is a violation of District of Columbia Gun Laws.

Gregory performed his stunt in front of 100’s of thousands of eye witnesses, who watched it happen live. As of today, there is no word yet if or when Gregory will be charged with his violation, if not, it certainly wont be for a lack of witnesses, or evidence, since the program was certainly recorded as it was broadcast.

If he is not charged with the criminal act by DC Metro Police, then it will only help prove the argument that there are one set of rules for the elites among us and another set for the ” little people”.

A concept which runs directly contradictory to the way our justice system is supposed to work, with the law being applied equally to all.

In another revelation of Gregory’s startling hypocrisy, it was learned that his children attend a prestigious DC Area private school which employs armed security, an idea Gregory spent nearly the entire interview of Wayne LaPierre lambasting and criticizing the NRA for even suggesting, in one of the most hostile public television interviews in recent history.

Gregory’s now takes his rightful place in the annals of other elitists, along side Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Frank Lautenberg, Chris Matthews, Piers Morgan and the head of the ultra left wing organization Media Matters and many , many others who are perfectly fine with the idea of self defense with firearms, as long as it them and their loved ones being afforded that protection, and not the rest of us.

About Dan Roberts
Dan Roberts is a grassroots supporter of gun rights that has chosen AmmoLand Shooting Sports News as the perfect outlet for his frank, ‘Jersey Attitude’ filled articles on Guns and Gun Owner Rights.As a resident of the oppressive state of New Jersey he is well placed to be able to discuss the abuses of government against our inalienable rights to keep and bear arms as he writes from deep behind NJ’s Anti-Gun iron curtain. Read more from Dan Roberts or email him at You can also find him on Facebook:

  • 6 User comments to “David Gregory Breaks Gun Law While Insisting On More Gun Laws”

    1. DC Cops Investigating Whether NBC's Gregory Violated Gun Law – ABC News (blog) | Train Me Texas on December 26, 2012 at 3:02 PM said:

      [...] 'Meet the Press' display of a high-capacity magazine may have …New York Daily (press release)all 383 news [...]

    2. If it was you or me, we would be cooling our heels in DCs jail right now. What F**king hypocrisy!

    3. kahnkeller on December 27, 2012 at 8:54 AM said:

      “If he is not charged with the criminal act by DC Metro Police, then it will only help prove the argument that there are one set of rules for the elites among us and another set for the ” little people”….say… I am willing to take bets on this one… 1,000 to 1 odds… old
      david will not get his hands slapped….

    4. If it had been a conservative in that seat, the cops would have been there before the commercial break was over after this segment.
      The liberal hypocrisy and ignorance of firearms (and existing gun law) is laughable, as this moron proves. I’m thinking the mag was most likely unloaded, because the lib dirt bag would have refused to handle it with nasty ol’ bullets in it.

    5. He would wet his pants if he even had to hold a

      toy gun

    6. Why would you find that strange ? ALL liberals are mentally ill , mentally ill people do strange and stupid things all the time , it is why they are liberals and / or communists , oops , I mean progressives .

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