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Student of the Gun

Student of the Gun

LUVERNE, AL --( Gun ban got your ammo? Do you have a stash?

Don’t fear the ammo shortage, control your stockpile with Student of the Gun one box training! Feel free to comment below.

Reading Assignment: Leadership And Training For The Fight: A Few Thoughts On Leadership And Training From A Former Special Operations Soldier by MSG Paul R. Howe.

Paul Markel c 2012

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  • 9 User comments to “AMMO SHORTAGE: Use Your STASH Wisely”

    1. Well I’m new to this site but not by a long shot from our protection of our civil rights fight!!! The fact that you printed Karen’s childish letter is a credit to your ability to let even our adversaries know our situation is written in the Bill of Rights under #s 1&2!! Joe

    2. Walter E. Bedlien on February 26, 2013 at 11:14 AM said:

      One idea is to use a BB Gun that is close to the size of hand gun/long rifle that you use.

    3. Harvey Meltzer on February 26, 2013 at 11:38 AM said:

      Has the Fed’s bought up all the ammo? I went to Cabellas (really big comp.) in DFW. I wanted some 22LR for plinking. I was told that they have not had any in a month???

    4. one shot one kill conserve ammo.

    5. How about pointing the finger at the real reason we have an ammo shortage….YOU. No not you Paul, you do a good job and I enjoy your show.. but every one of you that ran down to your gun store and bought everything you could get your hands on then went home and ordered everything you could find like the “Invasion” was tomorrow! If you are a new gun owner and felt you needed to prepare and protect yourself..”welcome aboard” get some good instructions and practice, practice, practice. If you are someone who has been into guns “SHAME ON YOU”. You should have been stock piling ammo since 9-11. So NOW you run down to the store and get on-line and drive the prices up and dry up the inventory and want to complain about it..thanX a lot from those of us who are responsible gun owners to you whiners who are making the manufactures and store owners! Wipe your running little nose and GROW UP your giving responsible gun owners a bad image.

    6. Blow me, James!
      Park the blame on our stupid politicians not the guy who is thinking ahead. There is a deep hole in the ground, some where, calling your name. Every one else…If you find a deal, go for it! Enough said.

    7. Bill Baker on February 27, 2013 at 9:55 PM said:

      I’m still buying everything I can get my hands on til I have enough around to be happy and be able to plink. I’ll let one of you guys be the first to stop buying it up. kk

    8. Randall on March 2, 2013 at 9:33 PM said:

      Look on the bright side. Within the next 30-60 days, Feinstein will either get her bill passed or it will die. Worst case, we’ll more or less be back to where we were with Clinton’s ban. Or nothing at all will be banned. Either way, the suspense and fear will be over. And ammo prices will plummet because all the folks who went out and bought 5000 rounds will be done buying for years. I have about 3000 rounds of various calibers and don’t have space to keep more even if I wanted it. AMMO WILL GET CHEAP AGAIN AND BECOME WIDELY AVAILABLE AGAIN. BE POSITIVE.

    9. The Demorats will never be happy until they have banned all guns. They must be defeated.

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