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Washington DC - -( On Feb. 19 2013, the Arkansas state legislature passed legislation protecting the names of concealed carry permit holders from being released under state Freedom of Information Act requests.

On Feb. 22 2013, Arkansas Lt. Gov. Mark Darr signed the bill into law.

In the time between the passage of the legislation and its being signed into law, Arkansas Business editor Gwen Moritz took advantage of her one last chance to post the names of concealed permit holders for all to see.

The outcry over the publication of the names was go great, that Arkansas Business quickly took the list down.

In its place, this was posted:

Editor’s Note:

At the request of a number of licensees who were concerned that they might be targeted by criminals, Arkansas Business has voluntarily removed a link to a spreadsheet of concealed carry licensees generated by the Arkansas State Police on Friday morning before the information was exempted from the State Freedom of Information Act. However, the spreadsheet will be available by request. If you want a copy email

The editor, Gwen Mortiz was quoted from the article saying

“Meanwhile, I have obtained a list of the concealed-carry licensees from the Arkansas State Police while it was still my right to keep and bear these names and ZIP codes, and I’m not afraid to use it. If you want a copy of the list, just email me at the address below. Your crazy uncle may be on it. Or maybe not.”

AmmoLand Editors Note: If our readers feel inclined to call, email or write the Arkansas Business Publishing Group and politely express your disgust at this women’s reckless endangerment of gun owner’s private info please use the info below.

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  • 3 User comments to “AR Editor Posts Concealed Carry Permit Holders Names, Says ‘Shes Not Afraid to Use It’”

    1. Richard Norgren on February 26, 2013 at 8:09 PM said:

      Then she must be held liable for any criminal activity perpetrated upon those individuals listed because of her arrogant “IGNORANCE!”.

    2. Richard Norgren on February 26, 2013 at 8:09 PM said:
      Then she must be held liable for any criminal activity perpetrated upon those individuals listed because of her arrogant “IGNORANCE!”.


    3. Hey, Lets see someone post a sign in her yard that says:
      “Welcome all thugs, criminals and lowlifes come see me I don’t have a gun”

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