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Student of the Gun

Student of the Gun

LUVERNE, AL --( The anti-gun press deliberately uses words and phrases designed to scare or confuse the masses.

Case in point, calling an Armalite Rifle Model 15 an Assault Rifle is a deliberate attempt to scare the uninformed into accepting greater and ever-expanding governmental control over their lives. Let’s change our dialogue.

Whenever I fire and AR or Stoner-based rifle it doesn’t assault me it makes me happy. Ergo, it’s a Happy Rifle.

Paul Markel c 2012

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  • 4 User comments to “Assault Rifle or Happy Rifle”

    1. We are not the ones who gave the the name of “Assault Rifles.” The gun grabbers did that with the Clintons. No matter what we call the, they will still call them “assault weapons.” Yes, it is a scare tacit that they use on informed and un-informed people. The gun grabbers are not interested in the truth, just taking our guns, starting at the top and working down. The only way they will tell the truth is when a lie won’t do.

    2. Huapakechi on February 9, 2013 at 2:02 PM said:

      Liberal socialists use redefinition as one of their primary tools in their battle to bring down capitalism and free society. They use “choice” rather than abortion, and shout down those who are proponents of choosing life. The designation of “assault rifles” on purely cosmetic criteria is more glaring evidence of their deliberate mendacity. They seek victory through incrementalism. Never allow them the smallest compromise, for that is nothing but surrender on the installment plan.

    3. Hey Huapakechi, whether a woman has an abortion or not is none of your business, unless you’re the woman having one. It’s between her, her doctor and God. You’re no better than the Commie liberals are if you want the State or the Federal government to dictate my private life. We need LESS government, not more. A government so small it fits in my uterus eh? Give me a break.

    4. Hey Tracker, if you’re truely concerned about small Gov’t you should fight for the overturn of Roe Vs Wade. That was another power grab by the Fed’s over the States.

      50 States should have the ability to decide the issue, not the Supremes inventing new portions of our Constitution.

      But since we’re on the subject…If the State (or Feds) can say murder is illegal, and killing a pregnant woman and her baby is 2 counts of murder, then why can’t the same State (or Feds) say the Mom killing the baby is murder? Same result either way…dead baby.

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