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Maryland Capitol Building

Associated Gun Clubs Of Baltimore After Action Report on MD Rally & Bill Hearing

Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore

Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore

Maryland --( The turnout for the Senate Committee hearing was an outstanding success.

While the media downplayed our numbers, Governor O’Malley knows the truth and the truth rocked him back on his heels.

Various sources have reported that the Administration is now scrambling to recover and is working on a multitude of amendments to the O’Malley gun ban.

The Governor is in too deep to just walk away and he cannot admit defeat. This is a debacle of his own making and it is the direct result of his attempt to exploit a tragedy to further his political career.

The Governor’s bill was an excessive overreach and because it was written in haste, it is very poorly written. The flaws were obvious and egregious as was pointed out on February 6th 2013.

Our challenge is to show that we are not a single-shot rifle. We must prove on March 1st and March 5th 2013 that we can produce this level of turn-out whenever necessary. I realize that this is a very large request, but we cannot win without your active “boots on the ground” support. The Governor will judge our strength and resolve by our numbers on March 1st and March 5th 2013.

On a similar note, the email volume through the AGC’s “Email your Legislators” system has dropped from over 100,000 per day before the first Gun Bill day to fewer than 2,000 per day. We cannot afford to give the Maryland General Assembly any rest in Annapolis. Many legislators have told me they are not paying attention to the volume. That is “Annapolis speak” for “I hope I can discourage you, because my staff is overwhelmed just counting emails.”

If you cannot join us in Annapolis, please support our efforts by making telephone calls and sending emails to the Maryland General Assembly using AGC’s “Email your Legislators” system.

John H. Josselyn
Legislative Vice President

Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. (AGC), located in Marriottsville, Maryland. The Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. was formed on July 1, 1944 when a number of World War II veterans in the Baltimore, Maryland area began looking for a place for recreational and competitive shooting. They organized with several other Baltimore area shooting clubs to form the “AGC” Visit:

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