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Here Comes The Midwest Rock 'n Roll Express 2013 Tour!

Here Comes The Midwest Rock ‘n Roll Express 2013 Tour!

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent

Midwest --( We’re thrilled to announce that REO Speedwagon, STYX and Ted Nugent will join forces once again to storm the country with another round of shows on the Midwest Rock ‘N Roll Express 2013 tour!

Their spring tour will kick off on April 18 2013 at the Ralph Engelstad Arena in in Grand Forks, ND, and conclude on May 19 2013 at the First Niagara Pavilion in Burgettstown, PA.

Check out the Events calendar for a list of dates, plus ticket links, on the Midwest Rock ‘N Roll Express 2013 tour — with more to come! Ted hits the stage at 7 pm each night unless otherwise noted.

To say that everyone on the tour is excited to get back out there would be an understatement. Here it is, in their own words:

“When you live the ultimate American guitar player’s dream, with the ultimate grinding band, performing the most intense fun songs in the world to the most enthusiastic audiences alive, every tour and every concert is an indescribable celebration. STYX and REO deserve me. Here we come again baby, like dogs in heat!” — Ted Nugent

“Blazing vocal melodies and guitars, soaring arrangements steeped in Progressive Rock roots, heart touching ballads you know in your bones, and that’s just my Damn Yankees brother Ted Nugent I’m talking about! Wait until STYX and REO take the stage! You might need to take the next day off after riding this glorious train!” — Tommy Shaw, STYX

“Due to the overwhelming success of last year’s tour, we are going to once again wind up the juggernaut of megatainment. STYX, REO and The Motor City Madman: there aren’t enough expletives in my vocabulary to explain how great this is… but I’ll try. This is going to be *$@&#@*&@# awesome!” — James “JY” Young, STYX

“Yo, wake up everybody! Winter is over, the snow is melting, the sun is coming out — It’s time for the second annual REO, STYX, Nugent springtime extravaganza. We had so much fun in 2012 we all decided to fire this Midwest Rock ‘N Roll Express thing up and do it again. Time to strap on our six strings, pack up the trucks and tour buses, get together with our best rock buddies and go out to have some big fun. See y’all soon.” — Kevin Cronin, REO Speedwagon


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