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Pocket Life-Saver EDC Med Kit

Pocket Life-Saver EDC Med Kit

Student of the Gun

Student of the Gun


LUVERNE, AL --( “Without a doubt, tourniquets were a difference maker and saved lives.” said Dr. Joseph Blansfield, Trauma Program Manager, Boston Medical Center days after the Boston Terrorist Attack.

Dr. Blansfield went on to say, “Tourniquets that were applied both in the field, on the scene…as well as applied either en route, or on arrival at any of the trauma centers…was really a direct benefit from the experiences that were appreciated in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Pocket Life-Saver EDC Med Kit

Pocket Life-Saver EDC Med Kit

If you are even involved in a traumatic injury situation, you will want to do something. The big question is will you have able to doing anything effective to aid the victim. Your ability will be based upon your training, experience, and available gear. Rather than waste precious seconds improvising, why not have the gear with you, ready to go?

A large pack, filled with trauma gear is naturally preferable, but these aren’t likely to be immediately available when you need them. The Pocket Life-Saver EDC Med Kit is designed to be a compact, easy to carry, stop-gap trauma kit to immediately deal with a life threatening injuries while awaiting the arrival of professional medical personnel.

Pocket Life-Saver Contents:

  • 1- TK 4L ready-made Tourniquet control Major Bleeding
  • 1- Package of Medical Gauze Wound Care
  • 1- NPA (nasopharyngeal airway) Open Airway for Unconscious Patient
  • 1- 3 ft. mini-roll of Duct Tape Wound Care / Chest Cavity Seal

(Plastic packaging can be used to seal chest cavity)

Contents are shipped in a sealed, vacuum packed plastic pouch. Vacuum packing reduces the size and bulk of the kit making it easier to carry and resistant to the elements.

Keep in mind, the injured person could be someone you love. Buying gear doesn’t give you skill. If you have the skill you can make good use of the gear.

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  • 3 User comments to “Pocket Life-Saver EDC Med Kit”

    1. boots on May 2, 2013 at 9:21 AM said:

      I usually carry a small emergency kit,basic 1st aid supplies plus nitrile gloves a pressure pad(israeli style) and a couple of sealed tampons to plug wounds. Light,fast,and effective,always ready. I almost forgot. I added a small,bright,headlamp,just in case.

    2. Only apply a Tourniquet if direct or indirect pressure does NOT stop or slow the bleeding.
      You can cause more damage by applying a Tourniquet.
      If you must, use your belt.
      Me, I have a field surgery kit.

    3. Phl: You are dangerously under-educated and need to upgrade your skill set.

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