Peace Through Pork – Jihawg Defensive Ammunition

Editors Note: 1/13/2015 it seems Jihawg Defensive Ammunition has closed it doors and is no longer available.

New Ammunition Forces Jihadist’s to Choose Peace.

Jihawg Ammunition
Jihawg Ammunition

DALTON GARDENS, Idaho --( Jihawg Ammo today announced release of the industry’s first truly defensive ammunition.

Not only does Jihawg guarantee that all of their ammunition meets or exceeds S.A.A.M.I. standards for velocity, penetration, and accuracy, they also coat each projectile with a special ballistic paint infused with pork to make it “Haraam” or unclean to a radical Jihadist.

This makes Jihawg Ammo the only commercially available ammunition with the added deterrent factor of eternal damnation for fundamentalist Islamic Jihadist.

Now Americans can defend themselves, their families, their communities, and their country from Muslim terrorists. Jihawg Ammo is the first product that provides a natural deterrent, promotes peace and yet provides maximum protection when used in a defensive posture.

Muslim tradition provides that a warrior who dies while waging “holy war” or Jihad on Infidels, Jews or Christians, attains entry into paradise where he will be serviced by 72 virgins. Jihawg Ammo nullifies that plan by making its ammo “Haraam” or unclean. The Koran denies paradise to anyone who is “unclean.” Under Muslim law, the slightest contact with pork or pork products, regardless of the circumstances, makes one unclean and ineligible to ascend to paradise.

According to Jihawg Ammo this makes Jihawg doubly lethal.

Jihawg Ammunition 9mm Pig Tainted Ammo
Jihawg Ammunition 9mm Pig Tainted Ammo

“With Jihawg Ammo, you don’t just kill an Islamist terrorist, you also send him to Hell. That should give would-be martyrs something to think about before they launch an attack. If it ever becomes necessary to defend yourself and those around you our ammo works on two levels. And, you’ll also be doing 72 virgins a favor. We call it PEACE THROUGH PORK.”

Jihawg Ammo is offering their ammunition directly to the public through their web site, and is looking for retailers interested in stocking their products.

Jihawg Ammunition creates a natural deterrent that forces Jihadist to choose peace or face certain death and damnation–no other ammunition in the world can make this claim.

Jihawg Ammo- “PIG’S DO FLY” it says so right on the box.

  • 51 thoughts on “Peace Through Pork – Jihawg Defensive Ammunition

    1. I am actually not a dunce, although I may appear to be. My question was about your TMJ ammo……not THJ as was stated in my first comment. Just a clumsy keyboard error. Sorry…..KJB

    2. Buy this stuff for the military and send it over. Then publicize it extensively. If nothing else, it would send a message…

    3. The perfect Father’s Day gift from an infidel son to his infidel father. Grabbed a box of ammo and a t-shirt for pop.

      God Bless America

    4. Awesome!! They should be the sole military contractor!! Supplying our troops against the Moozlum Jihadists!! Also they should open a shop & supply ammo tk the Christians of the North American Moozlum Mecca ” Dearborn Mich” they are pushing out all other faiths but their own! ?

    5. Probably will sell well the the inbred White Trash house trailer wannabe Rambo types. Just something STUPID to stir up more hatred and unrest. I’ll stick to Remington Core-Lokt or Hornady TAP.

    6. OMG – I LOVE THIS!!! What a cool idea!!! I hope EVERY ammo manufacturer starts a line of this. How about some hawg bullets for us reloaders??!

    7. I am a reloader , so I guess I will have to start putting dried bacon bits in my reloading powder . As long as its dried I don’t see a problem and it may help fill the case when using a warm powder .

    8. Beleive it or not, some of the soldiers did what the British did when they fought in Afghanistan..
      they dipped their rounds in pig grease and scared the living crap out of the muslime. They were directed to quit or they would be courtsmartialed. So they quit.

      Ref: War of 1898. Gen Doctor Leonard Wood, Commander of US Forces in the Phillippines when captured 50 muslime guerrillas, 49 were shot and buried in a hole with pig guts, and the 50th was turned loose. Not much disturbance after that. (Leonard Wood was commander of the Volunteer Cavalry that invaded Cuba and was Teddy Roosevelt’s Commanding Officer…he was a medical Doctor)

      I think, if the word got out that ammo had pig grease on the round, those guys would fade away back to the mountains of everywhere, but you know the goobermnt won’t allow “religious” belief to our advantage…

    9. I think this is a great idea which should be honed and expanded. After all, Allah said, “use all the strategems of war.” So let’s take Allah at his word, promote the use of Jihawg Ammo and promote world peace. May I also suggest putting pork products in spray cans. It’s just a thought.

      Dr. Khalifa

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    12. This idea has been demonstrated to disrupt the ishlams. Read about the ‘Indian Rebellion of 1857′. The British had issued new gunpowder cartridges that were widely believed to be greased with cow or pig fat, which insulted both Hindus and Muslims. In the process of loading fighters would bite off the end of the cartridge and empty the content onto the muzzle, the remaining paper served as the wad.

    13. We all use or should use hollow points. Simply go to the local grocery store and buy a pound of lard for about $2.00 that should be enough to fill the hollow points on several thousand bullets or if you don’t waht that grease on the bullet simply rub the bullet on the lard and it will contaminate the bullet with lard same effect. personally I would like to force feed them bacon strips.

    14. I started the pigs blood on the bullet years ago by telling Americans to dip them into pigs blood, then I added, put a drop in the hollow tips. Glag to see someone is making them now. Good Job.
      Ronald G Niebergall Jr

    15. I’m more worried about defending my family against nutjob trailer trash such as yourselves than any Muslim. You are truly despicable people for thinking this is a good idea. And the irony of your ranting about how violent Islam and Muslims are is that many of you probably keep a Bible not too far from your gun collection. You are a hateful bunch of ignorant, hypocritical rednecks.

      1. First of all, Frank “Liberal” Murphy,
        Most of us gun toting trailer trash that you like to put down with your disparaging remarks will likely be the ones to save your whiny ass if the crap ever does fall here. Whether we wish to put the fear of Allah into some cheese dick Muslim Radical by wiping our bullets in pig fat, or buying ammo with pig fat in the painted tips, or just plain load up on Remington .308 standard match round ammo and sit on a hill and extract payback the old fashion way, ain’t none of your wimpy affair. I have no difficulty offending a Muslim radical, nor do I have any qualms about saying the hell with political correctness. So why don’t you shut up and pull up your big girl panties and grow a pair.
        Signed: Reaper-55 USAF Sniper- 1974-1988

    16. Except for the fact that the Muslims don’t believe being shot by a pig bullet sends them to Hell. One of the core beliefs in Islam is intention. This is entertainingly ignorant.

    17. I have an idea for the next radical bullet coating idea. RAINBOW COATED BULLETS. That’ll show those Christians. Good work guys, keep it up!

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    19. I am very interested in this claim that any contact with pork renders a muslim unable to enter Paradise. However, I would like to know where you get this information from. Is it in the koran or the hadiths?

      If this is true, then we have the perfect weapon to eliminate these cowards and bullies and to rid the world of the nastiest religion on the planet. But I need to be sure, and able to point to real evidence, that this claim is true.

      Cheers mate,
      Mike from Australia

    20. It’s been three weeks since I paid $182.00 for six boxes of ammo. I still don’t have my pork ammo. I’ve written and called twice and have not gotten a single word in reply.

      I’d sure like to see if this ammo is reloadable or if it even goes “bang”???

      What’s up Jihawg

      1. What Athesists,agnostics,pagans and liberals don’t realize is that muslims want to kill off ALL NON MUSLIMS in the world,that includes them.

    21. A show of hands here…how many people will actually use this ammo in the near future?

      In fact, why don’t y’all prove how dedicated you are to the cause of Christianity. Find yourself an American Muslim family and commit your own jihad. I’m sure Jesus will commend you for your actions…

    22. I just saw that Jihawg stop making there ammo 2 days ago. I am trying to buy some 45 acp, does anyone know where I can get this ammo?

      Note 0 Jihawg does not respond to email or phone calls.

    23. re: FrankMurphy as a matter of fact there are several bibles in my house maybe you should get one and try reading it i am sure there is a copy in the language you are most comfortable with and then watch resent news events did you see the pictures of that young man they put in cage poured gasoline on and set on fire or even old news events like why cant our children say the pledge of allegiance I personally think the should have to memorize it before they are allowed to get on any mode of transportation headed here then there own memories can offend them

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