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We Need Stiffer Penalties for criminals: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on Gun Control.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin: Takes On Gun Control on ‘Larry King Now’

Larry King Now

Larry King Now

USA --( Legendary former pro-wrestler and television host “Stone Cold” Steve Austin shares his views on gun control with Larry King.

Legendary former pro-wrestler and television host “Stone Cold” Steve Austin shares his views on gun control with Larry King.

About “Larry King Now”
Larry King brings you newsmakers of every stripe – from world leaders and entertainers to regular people changing the world or caught in the crossfire of the biggest stories of the day. Fun and quirky segments will treat fans both old and new to a rarely seen side of Larry’s personal humor and wit.

Watch the one-of-a-kind interviews that only Larry King can do.


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  • 3 User comments to “‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin: Takes On Gun Control on ‘Larry King Now’”

    1. Stone Cold nailed that one stone cold. Tacking on an extra five years is nothing. Make it worthwhile for those carrying illegally to think about it. Give them an extra fifteen years. Any time a criminal knows he could be shot or spend a lot more time in prison, he might think about it.

    2. DAN III on June 16, 2013 at 9:14 AM said:

      What is “carrying illegally” ? Are you indicating that one can only carry a personal defense weapon if our rulers, the scum that most people call “government” gives us permission ? What part of “shall not be infringed” do you RP and this Steve Austin not understand ?

      RP, you, folks like you, and this Steve Austin are no prize for the 2d Amendment. You both appear to be government stooges.

    3. DAN Steve is only stating that penalty needs to give someone something to consider. He is not saying there needs to be laws against carrying or owning. I do not support any law against any gun including background checks or any law that has already been made every law even the ones that already exist violate 2nd amendment therefore all the laws that have anything to do with Arms need to be abolished “shall not be infringed ” is clear and means if I want military grade weapons I should have the right to do so! I do agree if someone commits a gun crime there should be serious time up to and including death penalty

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