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Tannerite Sports catalyzes with the marketing and PR gunners at Traditions Media, LLC.

Tannerite Rifle Targets

Tannerite Rifle Targets

Tannerite Sports

Tannerite Sports

Pleasant Hill, OR --( There are puns galore when talking about exploding targets. In an effort to not sound corny, let’s save a few bullets for the future. (There, we used it up.) Now onto the news…

Tannerite Sports is proud to announce its new marketing partnership with Traditions Media. The inventors and patent holders of binary (two-part) targets, Tannerite aims to tell the real story about exploding targets and how the Oregon company pioneered the safest and most effective products on the market – Traditions Media will provide that voice.

Traditions Media is a public relations, communications and marketing group with a focus on outdoor recreational sports. Blue chip content producers, Traditions Media will headman the ideation and development of Tannerite press materials, sales collateral, catalogs and how-to articles. Moreover, Traditions Media will keep Tannerite’s website content rich and fresh.

Identity and brand stewardship are core to Tradition Media’s scope of services as well. Traditions Media’s Leslie Sundahl-Vick says this about the magnitude of the Tannerite brand:

“Being the first means a lot; and a brand like Tannerite must trumpet that fact, especially in a marketplace quickly filling with copycats.

“Traditions Media will ensure that everyone from buyers to distributors, retailers to the target shooters and hunters will know that the Tannerite name means the first, best and safest.”

Another substantial component to Tradition Media’s offering is social media strategy. Dena Woerner, who will serve as Tannerite’s primary media contact, has extensive knowledge of the rapidly growing and evolving social media realm. Degreed in marketing and communications, Woerner has taught social media and written successful strategies for companies in the outdoors industry.

“Social media is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to perception. The real story can differ greatly from what some people are saying online. Traditions Media will use social media to promote Tannerite® while at the same time monitoring and responding to falsehoods in a positive way.”

Tannerite President and binary target inventor Dan Tanner is optimistic about the company’s future and new marketing partnership with Traditions Media.

“We are very excited to work with their team. We are passionate about the Tannerite brand and want to be agents of truth in telling the story about Tannerite binary rifle targets, their purposes and safety, not to mention promote this very exciting way to practice long-range target shooting.”

Exploding targets are the shooters choice for long-range target practice. Tannerite was the first to come to market with binary (two-part) exploding targets, and continues to manufacture the safest and highest quality exploding targets. Tannerite® products are used by hunters, recreational shooters and law enforcement agents to improve their accuracy and more fully enjoy the long-range shooting experience.

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    1. Do Tannerite shipments require payment of the hazardous materials surcharge? In their packaged pre-use form they’re “safe”, right? I just found out about these items and I’m curious.

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