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Byline: David Wright

Fieldsports Channel TV

Fieldsports Channel TV

United Kingdom --( The headlines this week: Heavy weight tarpons, native American tribe all at sea with deer clubbing and a Russian footy star goes fishing.

Sea anglers in Florida have caught and released what they reckon may have been a world record tarpon. Sarasota boat captain Scott Moore measured the fish at 96-inches long with a 53-inch girth, which puts it around or over 300lb. The world record tarpon is 286 pounds. Captain Scott put it back because he says he would rather see someone else have a chance to catch the magnificent fish.

British shooting organisation BASC is concerned that shooters in the UK who continue to use lead shot illegally will give political ammunition to those who want lead banned altogether. It has launched an online campaign and asks shooters to sign a pledge to use lead within the rules – that is, not on waterfowl in England and Wales and not on wetlands in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Visit

The RSPCA is trying to get people interested in more than 1,000 pest geese that are now living on picturesque Lake Windermere in the English Lake District. Last year, the campaign to stop gooseshooting on Windermere was backed by rock legend Brian May and loony animal rights organisation Animal Aid. The RSPCA is ringing the birds so, it says to find out “where the geese come from and why”. That’s easy. Canada.

Shooters, hunters and even Indian tribal elders are furious with a video posted on the internet. Filmed in Puget Sound off Washington state, USA, it shows Native American lads chasing down a swimming deer, clubbing it with an oar, and then others dive into the water to cut its throat. The Squaxin Island Tribal Council says it is deeply saddened by the events depicted in the video, and wishes to make clear that such actions will not be tolerated

A charge of unlawful hunting promoted by the British League Against Cruel Sports has been dropped against joint-master of the Quantock Staghounds Brian Palmer. Avon & Somerset Crown Prosecution Service dropped the charge against him due to a lack of evidence. The Countryside Alliance slams “the continued unauthorised covert surveillance of private individuals, such as Mr Palmer, when they are on private land and undertaking totally lawful activities.”

And finally, one of the most popular footballers in Russia has started his own reality TV show on YouTube featuring fishing. St Petersburg goalkeeper Vyacheslav Malafeev, capped 29 times for Russia, is posting a series of his family’s home tapes named “The Malafeevs”. Episode One chronicles a fishing holiday in Finland.

Stalking the stories fishing for facts!

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