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Thordsen Customs FRS-15 Rifle Stock

Thordsen Customs FRS-15 Rifle Stock

Thordsen Customs

Thordsen Customs

South San Francisco, CA --(  The AR-15 is arguably the most popular modern sporting rifle in the United States and the FRS-15 Rifle Stock is the ultimate sporterizing accessory for this versatile platform.

Its traditional rifle style grasp, 13.5″ length of pull, and sleek lines make it the perfect option for the firearms enthusiast that prefers the ergonomics of a traditional hunting rifle.

It also helps AR-15 enthusiasts meet or exceed NON FEATURE compliance in states with feature restrictions by eliminating the pistol grip and adjustable stock.

The FRS-15 Rifle Stock and Buffer Tube Covers (patent pending) are the ultimate blend of form and function designed to satisfy even the most demanding AR-15 rifle enthusiast with its good looks, solid construction, and configurability. It has taken nearly two years of research and development to reach its final form and we are very proud of the end result.

Our unique feature packed system has something for everyone.

The most notable are:

  • The traditionalist, who prefers the ergonomics and utility of a traditional hunting rifle stock, will appreciate the feel of its graceful yet aggressively checkered curved grasp and the solid shouldering capability of its fixed length stock.
  • People who live in states with restrictions on AR-15 rifles (often mis-characterized as “ASSAULT WEAPONS”) may replace the pistol grip and adjustable stock with the FRS-15 rifle stock, effectively eliminating two prohibited characteristics (or features) that define an “ASSAULT WEAPON”. (Other characteristics (or features) may be restricted in your area. Please be sure to check your state and local laws to insure that your firearm is in compliance.)

With multiple sling hard points, adjustable cheek rise (optional), and compatibility with many aftermarket slip on butt plate extensions and recoil pads. The FRS-15 can be configured to fit any mission, whether you’re hunting, plinking, tactical training, or competition shooting.

Thordsen Customs FRS-15 Rifle Stock : Image Dennis Montejano of Fresno Ca

Thordsen Customs FRS-15 Rifle Stock : Image Dennis Montejano of Fresno Ca

It is the responsibility of firearms dealers and private firearms owners to know and fully understand the federal, state, and local firearms laws in their area. The FRS-15 rifle stock is intended for lawful purposes. Thordsen Customs LLC will not be held liable for any misuse of its products and will assume that our product(s) comply with state and local laws unless otherwise notified by authorities.

Contact info:

Thordsen customs LLC
214 Ryan Way
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Thordsen Customs FRS-15 Rifle Stock : Image Dennis Montejano of Fresno Ca

Thordsen Customs FRS-15 Rifle Stock : Image Dennis Montejano of Fresno Ca

  • 2 User comments to “Thordsen Customs FRS-15 Rifle Stock – Sporterizing Gone Wild”

    1. “NON FEATURE compliance in states”

      At some point these states (like the Peoples Republic of Calif.) will just amend their ‘features’ to “may load a single bullet”. It is funny how “that can never happen” is just paranoia…until it happens. But, hey, that will never happen ;)

    2. DaveP326 on August 20, 2013 at 1:37 PM said:

      @Dook- When the, “that will never happen”, does happen, a hell of alot of law abiding gun owners will become instant criminals. And they’ll have no one to blame but themselves. They refuse to understand that guns don’t fire themselves; people do. Some of those people are known as “criminals”, and THEY should be the target of all criminal laws – not inanimate objects.

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