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Shyanne Roberts

Shyanne Roberts: This young lady assuredly has an amazingly bright future in the competitive shooting sports, a future so bright she has “gotta wear shades”.

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AmmoLand Gun News

New Jersey - -(  Shyanne Roberts, an unassuming and precocious nine year old Honor Student from Franklinville NJ is quickly building a reputation as the next rising shooter in the competitive shooting world.

She took Second Place in the Women’s Open Div of the annual State Wide NJ Ruger Rimfire Challenge held at South Jersey Shooting Club in Winslow NJ.

Her father, Columnist, NRA Instructor and Range Safety Officer Dan Roberts, started teaching her basic gun handling safety rules when she was five, simply because it was the responsible thing to do in a household with firearms present. That progressed to shooting time under his direct supervision, something she rapidly displayed a natural talent for.

Having demonstrated her mastery of basic gun safety and her talent for the sport led to her receiving her first rifle , A Cricket Single Shot Bolt Action Rifle for her 6th Birthday, within only a few weeks she was shooting tight groups and hitting bulls-eyes regularly without assistance.

After seeing a You Tube video clip of “Glock Girl” “Top Gun Tori” Nonaka competing as a 15 yr old, Shyanne decided that she wanted to follow the same path as Tori, Jessie Duff, Julie Golob, Michelle Viscusi and new star Katelyn Francis. She started training and competing with .22 pistols, shooting her Dad’s Walther P-22 at age seven and again displayed an innate talent for knocking down targets. She has focused on handgun shooting for the last two years, as that is by far the hardest skill to master at a high level.

But she still trained and continues to train with her rifle and experimented with a 20 gauge shotgun.

This year, in only her second year of formal competitions, shooting a handme down handgun, she rapidly started racking up impressive times in both IDPA and Steel Plate Matches in South Jersey, often beating several other adults in the process. In fact, it was her performance on a particularly difficult IDPA Stage this past August that secured her her first official sponsorship (apparel) from Ray Pescatore Jr, owner of SUBMOA Security Solutions. The stage called for hitting both a center mass plate and a plate that was an incredibly small ” Tbox”.

Shyanne was the only person that was successful in hitting both targets, besting several adults including one retired Police Officer.  Shyanne regularly draws a crowd of fans wherever she shoots, many, including Law Enforcement and Military members; who express amazement at not only her ability but her rigid adherence to important and long established safe handling rules most often stating “she is better then most adults”.

This is a testament to the fact that she has been exceptionally well trained and indicative of the fact that teaching kids responsibility and safe handling of firearms is the best way to reduce, if not eliminate tragic accidents. An idea the various Anti Gun Groups have steadfastly refused to consider and routinely vilify.

The years of hard work, dedication and perseverance have paid off with this near end of season performance this past weekend. This young lady assuredly has an amazingly bright future in the competitive shooting sports, a future so bright she has “gotta wear shades”.

If your a fan of the shooting sports in general, or just want to show that kids and guns dont always equal a tragic outcome, be sure to follow Shyanne’s budding career on Facebook: .

The 2014 Season is almost certain to be a “breakout year” for her.

Shyanne Roberts

Shyanne Roberts taking aim

  • 3 User comments to “Kids & Guns Don’t Mix? Someone Forgot To Tell 9 Year Old Shyanne Roberts”

    1. Kenneth Waggoner on October 23, 2013 at 8:21 AM said:

      For her to have any future in this they need to move out of NJ.

    2. Dan & Shyanne,


      I’m the Managing Coach of the Freeport Junior Club ( in Freeport, NY.

      Shyanne, you are a delightful inspiration to the youths in this country. Keep it up.


    3. Whatever she decides do not follow the path of Tori Nonaka!!!!!

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