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By Tred Law

CMMG on Amazon

CMMG on Amazon

AmmoLand Gun News

AmmoLand Gun News

Fayette, MO – -( Holiday shopping is upon us and guns are on everyone’s Christmas wishlist.

But where can you send Grandma a link to, where she will be comfortable buying you a new CMMG Upper 9Mm M4A3 with a 16″ Bird Cage as well as those Red Cotton Adult Footed Pajamas w/ Drop-seat that she gets you each year since your were 10.

Surprisingly is it Amazon. The giant retailer is very pro gun and sells pretty much everything but Receivers and Ammo.

I am a big fan of CMMG products and while looking at some sex toys on Amazon, (some things are to weird to ask Grammy to get you),  I found that they have a really good selection of CMMG gear and what is even better is a lot of it is shipped fast with Amazon Prime.

Check out the CMMG line up of stuff, ( ) some of the pricing is wacky expensive and some is dirt cheap but the selection is pretty deep.

But as I said before, if you want to have your x-mass gun gear wish list filled, your best bet is to send granny to Amazon instead of ‘Bubbas House of Guns’.

CMMG Lower Parts Kit, AR-15, 2 ST TG

CMMG Lower Parts Kit, AR-15, 2 ST TG

Dig what I am saying here? Got Your Ears On?

Merry Christmas bandit.

  • One User comment to “Tactical Bacon & 9mm Uppers On My Christmas Wish List”

    1. Chuck Saylor on December 6, 2013 at 8:06 AM said:

      Please advise if you offer an NRA Instructor Purchase Program

      Also, I am an NRA Pistol Instructor and will be conducting a Personal Protection in the Home class next month

      Can you advise if you can send any promotional items for the students?

      Any hats, shirts, pens, cups, mousepads, key chains, product catalogs, etc

      Basically anything would be appreciated

      All the students love freebies even the women

      thanks for your consideration

      Chuck Saylor

      NRA Instructor

      Chuck Saylor

      56 Burnside Ave

      Norristown, Pa 19403

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