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Shotspotter Detection System

Shotspotter Detection System

Slow Facts

Slow Facts

Southern California --( The number was so large I didn’t believe it at first.

An acoustic detections system in Washington DC detected its 39,000th shooting event in the district.. and the system only covers a third of the city.

Many “events” have multiple shots fired.  Equally amazing, about half the gun shot events are not reported to police.  Many of the events identified and recorded by the acoustic detection system are not investigated by police.  That says something.

After reading this report on gunshots in DC, I can say with confidence the gun-free zone of Washington DC leaks like hell.  The lawful gun owners in DC are not the ones going outside to pop off a few rounds celebrating a good poker night, the Washington Redskins winning a close game, or their latest drug deal.

It isn’t the honest gun owners causing crime in DC, but honest gun owners are the target as DC politicians double down on stupid.

Rather than prosecute crime, and I’ll grant you that gunshots in public are a pretty good place to start looking for criminal events, instead the DC City Council demands that each DC resident who went through the painful bureaucratic process of legally registering a gun in DC must return to the police department and get fingerprinted.

Right.  The DC city council thinks the real crime problem is all those lawful gun owners sighting in their weapons on city streets and littering the streets with shell casings and fingerprints.  If you believe that, then I have this great healthcare insurance you should buy.  You can keep your doctor and your rates won’t go up by one dime.  Not one dime.  Period.

Not one dime?  We have the DC government grossly abusing gun owners’ rights with midnight SWAT raids at taxpayer’s expense.  The DC city council, like petty bureaucrats everywhere, are imposing their preferences and culture on DC citizens while they pretend it is for public safety.  They use the police to punish those who don’t comply.  The same thing went on in the south during the era of Jim Crow laws.  The same thing goes on in Chicago under the progressive political machine.  This cultural intolerance imposed at gunpoint is expensive and puts lives at risk.

Sooner or later an honest gun owner in DC will be shot during a no-knock raid.  The costs, either in civil or criminal charges, won’t come out of the pockets of the DC city council.  The cost is already too high.  Disarmed DC citizens are already paying with their lives.

About Rob Morse:
By day, Rob Morse works in Southern California as a mild mannered engineer for a defense contractor. By night he writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Gun Rights Magazine, and writes the SlowFacts blog. . He also loves the M1911 and shoots combat handgun on the weekends.

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    1. Shots fired is a crime.

      Unfortunate that the citizens ignore it and never call 911.

      25 meters is not ‘within feet’.

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