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Alpha-TAC ExtremeBeam M-1000 Fusion Light

Alpha-TAC ExtremeBeam M-1000 Fusion Light



USA --(  The new M-1000 Fusion ( ) from Alpha-TAC’s ExtremeBeam is the strongest and most durable light in the company’s arsenal.

Fitted with an 850-lumen HO-LED bulb, the M-1000 Fusion features a mirror-finished reflecting cone slow-cut from a solid bar of high density, aircraft aluminum.

This precision design craft fully captures and reflects the light produced by the powerful LED bulb to create a beam that can easily reach distances of 600 meters.

The weight of the M-1000 Fusion is perfectly balanced to completely diminish fatigue that other top-heavy lights create in the wrist, and its head bezel is manufactured with cooling fins to help the dense reflecting cone expel heat – leaving the high powered flashlight cool to the touch even after hours of continuous use.

These powerful lights are also made to take a beating. Like the head bezel, the body of the M-1000 Fusion is 5.5 mm thick, machined from solid bar stock aluminum, and micro-textured to create a sharkskin like feel, retaining the best of grip even when wet. The M-1000 Fusion also features ExtremeBeam’s proprietary dual Anti-Recoil system that is engineered to protect the fragile inner workings and batteries from weapons recoil up to .50BMG.

ExtremeBeam doesn’t cut back on small details either. Unlike the acrylic lenses found in many “premium” flashlights the M-1000 Fusion features extra strength tri-cut glass that is impervious to DEET, solvents and many other chemicals. It is also equipped with square cut threads to prevent cross threading and water tight double O-ring seals that protect the light to dive-depths of several fathoms.

The M-1000 Fusion is designed to fit any 30mm rail mounting system. It has a momentary switch with high, low, and strobe settings, and will run for 10 continuous hours used in low (240 Lumens) and 1.5 hours on high (850 lumens). Like all ExtremeBeam flashlights, each M-1000 Fusion is put though a 1-hour burn test before it leaves the factory and comes with a limited lifetime warranty that even covers destruction.

The MSRP of the M-1000 Fusion is $149.95

Buy your own Alpha-TAC ExtremeBeam M-1000 Fusion Light at Amazon:

M-1000 Fusion

  • Anti-Recoil up to .50 BMG
  • Weight  (with battery): 22 ounces
  • Head Bezel Width: 60 mm (2.361 inches)
  • Main Body Width: 30mm (1.185 inches)
  • Upper Body Width: 28.58mm (1.25 inches)
  • Light Volume: 850 lumens (high) 240 lumens (low) and 762 lumens (strobe)
  • Light Prjection: 600 meters (1968 feet)
  • Average Run-Time: 1.5 hours (high), 10 hours (low), 10 hours (strobe)
  • Battery Type:  Four 3.0-3.6 volt CR 123 batteries or Two 3.6 volt 18650 batteries
  • Modes: Momentary, High-Low-Strobe-Off

Alpha-TAC’s ExtremeBeam is committed to providing the best Sport, Tactical, and Industrial lighting products available on the market. Superior engineering and craftsmanship allow them to outperform and outshine other high-end lighting products of the same class. For more information about ExtremeBeam and its complete line of products visit

ExtremeBeam – A Shining Light in the Face of Darkness

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    1. john carr on January 9, 2014 at 11:12 AM said:

      As much as it cost I think I will just wait until daylight.

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