EdgeCraft Introduces New Sharpening Solutions & More at Shot Show 2014

Ring in the New Year with Great Gear…..

Chef's Choice Sportsman Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener
Chef’s Choice Sportsman Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

Avondale, PA – -(Ammoland.com)- EdgeCraft Corporation has the sharpening solution for hairsplitting edges on all your knives!

We offer a multitude of sharpening options for every budget and sharpening need–including a new saltwater tough marine sharpener.

You can step up your game with gear essentials from EdgeCraft’s ChefsChoice brand.

Once you’ve bagged your buck or caught your fish, the field dressing and food preparation steps are as important as the sport. In order to insure optimal enjoyment of your bounty, EdgeCraft offers the essentials for taking your game from field to table…from sharpeners and electric food slicers to deer head wafflemakers! Please contact me at val.gleason@edgecraft.com to set up a personal appointment.

What’s New at Booth #225:

The Chef’sChoice  Marine Sharpening Station Diamond Hone  Sharpening System Model 710 is a revolutionary new sharpening system is specifically engineered for the fishing and marine enthusiast. It features three professional sharpeners in one compact unit:  a 120V-AC or 12V-DC operated knife sharpener with magnetic power switch; a manual scissors sharpener for line cutters; and a battery-operated fishhook sharpener.  The system is designed to resist the saltwater environment with a IPX-4 water protection rating and is easily cleaned with a low pressure hose spray. Engineered and assembled in the USA. $189.99 US and $199.99 Canada.

The new Chef’sChoice® SportsmanClassic WafflePro® Model 853: Featuring a rustic, antlered deer head plate design, this new waffle maker is sure to delight the avid hunting and outdoor enthusiast. In less than two minutes, it bakes two delicious waffles with an  imprinted deer head design that will delight the palate and evoke the charm of the great outdoors for the entire family. Whether at home or the hunting lodge, you can enjoy the fresh taste and delicious aroma of these perfect homemade waffles. Ideal for homemade or quick mix batters, the Sportsman Classic WafflePro Model 853 features a superior non-stick, easy release coating and consistent even heating that guarantees beautifully patterned waffles,  uniformly baked inside and out. The adjustable baking control allows you to prepare the waffles just the way you like them, and with the Sportsman Classic WafflePro’s  instant temperature recovery, it’s always ready to bake more waffles for the entire family. An LED indicator light lets you know when the wafflemaker is properly heated to temperature and ready to bake. To ensure uniform thickness and even baking, the top waffle plate is designed with a floating hinge. A convenient, easy open latching handle combined with a built-in cord storage compartment allows the wafflemaker  to be stored in a space-saving upright position.  $49.99 US and $69.99 Canada.

Worth A Look:

Durable Edge Options! EdgeCraft Diamond Hone® Knife Sharpener Hybrid 25

Quickly and easily sharpen edges with new 3-stage advanced Hybridtechnology combining electric and manual sharpening. 100% diamond abrasives, precision angle guides coupled with Stage 1 and 2 electric sharpening and Stage 3 manual honing provides razor sharp, arch-shaped edges. Sharpens straight edge and serrated, kitchen and sporting knives

EdgeCraft Tactical

Diamond HoneManual Knife Sharpener M442

Specifically engineered for tactical knives, this compact and rugged two-stage manual knife sharpener is designed to accommodate the wider geometry of many tactical knives. Light weight and styled in an easily camouflaged hunter green and black, it’s fast, safe and easy to use in any multi-mission tactical role. Using EdgeCraft’s field tested 100% diamond abrasives and advanced two stage sharpening system, it creates a razor sharp edge that is stronger and more durable.  The Tactical 442 sharpens the entire blade length, from tip to bolster, and is also ideal for other sports and household knives. Its ergonomic handle fits all hands and it can be used right or left-handed. The slip resistant rubber feet hold fast to the work surface. Engineered and assembled in the USA.


Chef’sChoice Sportsman 4635

Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener – Fishing-Hunting-Serrated

This professional manual three-stage sharpener applies a super sharp and durable edge on fishing and light hunting knives, pocket knives and serrated knives as well as both 15° and 20° edge household knives. Featuring a dedicated stage for fishing knives and another for hunting knives, and a separate ultrafine honing stage,  the Chef’sChoice Sportsman 4635 creates a razor sharp, double-beveled, arch-shaped edge that is stronger and  lasts longer. Using Chef’sChoice signature 100% diamond abrasives in all three stages, it will sharpen faster than other abrasives and create shaving sharp edges. The  Sportsman 4635 sharpens the entire length of the blade, from tip to bolster or handle. It’s fast, safe and easy to use, requiring no guesswork. It can be used right or left handed and features an ergonomic handle that fits all hands. The slip resistant feet hold fast to the work surface. Safe for all quality knives. Engineered and assembled in the USA. Available for $29.99.

New Lodge-Ready Chef’sChoice “Deer Head” Wafflemaker to be Unveiled At Show! Featuring a rustic antlered deer head non-stick cooking plate design, this new waffle maker is sure to delight the avid hunting and outdoor enthusiast. In just minutes, it bakes two delicious homemade waffles with the imprinted deer design. Whether your home or at the lodge, you can enjoy the fresh taste and delicious aroma of these perfect homemade waffles that will delight the palate and evoke the charm of the great outdoors. Product displayed and more information available at the booth.


(Level 1, Hall G, #225) for a sharpening tour, demonstration and more information on your available advanced technology sharpening options. Visit www.chefschoice.com for more information. Sharpening videos available at http://www.chefschoice.com/video_vs.html.

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