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Desert Tech

Desert Tech

West Valley City, UT - -(  Nicholas Young, owner of the Desert Tech company group (formerly known as Desert Tactical Arms) has named Thomas Alexander as CEO of their 25,000 acre training facility.

Mr. Alexander comes to Desert Tech Training Center with 18 years of experience in military and government contracting experience.  Mr. Alexander’s expertise allows Desert Tech to develop and conduct small and large scale military, law enforcement, and civilian training exercises.

Mr. Alexander states “Joining Desert Tech and overseeing the Training Center and Facility is exactly what I wanted to do at this point in my career. After all my years in the military and government contracting I am excited to bring that experience to help train law enforcement, military and civilians at our top-notch facility.”

Nick Young states “We dreamed of creating a world class shooting facility that offered unique training experiences and pushed methodologies beyond tradition.  We are very pleased to have Tommy lead the Training Center, with his extensive combat and training experience, he knows how and where to push training to the next level.  His vision even surpasses my own, we are creating a place to benefit everyone, we want to make it available to host numerous events/competitions and even other training companies.”

The Desert Tech training facility is a 25,000 acre multipurpose range that combines first class accommodations with a state of the art training environment. The range is currently set up to offer courses in pistol, rifle, shotgun, breaching/demolition, rough terrain driving, convoy live fire and maneuver, unknown distance, known distance, moving target, field-craft, and extreme distance sniper ranges.  Mr. Alexander will be overseeing all aspects of the Desert Tech training facility and will ensure people and organizations can learn from real professionals and hone their skills in all aspects of their occupation or shooting specialty.  The facility

About Desert Tech

Desert Tactical Arms was founded in 2007 as a rifle manufacturer and additional companies have been added since that time in order to manufacture ammunition and conduct training.  In 2013 the group of companies were rebranded under Desert Tech. The company was initially founded to create the most compact, accurate and reliable precision weapon systems in the world. With the company’s strong belief in the Second Amendment, Desert Tech strives to provide the best firearms, ammunition and training possible for military, law enforcement, and private gun owners. Desert Tech currently offers precision Bullpup rifle systems that range from 260 Remington – 50 BMG. The Desert Tech Training Center is the largest premiere training and shooting facility in the west, located on 25,000 acres in northeastern Utah.  Desert Tech Training Center was created to provide a place for shooters and operators from around the world to obtain unparalleled firearms instruction. The curriculum has been designed to provide military, law enforcement, contractors, and armed citizens real-life scenarios that induce stress, which will produce a better gunfighter not just a better shooter.  Desert Tech Munitions was created to produce the most accurate, consistent, and temperature stable ammunition available. The ammunition provides exceptional performance in all quality firearms it is used in.  The goal is to control all of the components in the firing sequence, the rifle, ammunition, and training in order to be able to provide guaranteed performance that exceeds any other in the world.

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