Harmful Wildlife Feeding This Week on Gateway Outdoors Radio

Harmful Deer Feeding
Harmful Wildlife Feeding This Week on Gateway Outdoors Radio
Gateway Outdoors Radio
Gateway Outdoors Radio

Pennsylvania – -(Ammoland.com)-  This week on Gateway Outdoors Charlie Burchfield special guests are retired PA Wildlife Conservation Officer Dick Bodenhorn and WCO Sue Edminson serving in Elk County PA.

For decades supplemental winter feeding of wildlife has been an ongoing tradition. However the handouts, in some cases, may be causing more harm than good.

A recent incident of the loss a trophy bull elk could have been the result of the good intention of artificial feeding of wildlife.

Listen in, on Monday February 10 th , as the discussion of winter feeding of wildlife is discussed, and what has been learned about the practice from a biological view point.

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The program can also be enjoyed the following day archived on the WCED Talk Radio web site.http://www.newstalkradiowced.com

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  • One thought on “Harmful Wildlife Feeding This Week on Gateway Outdoors Radio

    1. These people just don’t know when to quit.
      What they’re doing is more harm than good as these deer will rely on their handouts and never learn to forage for themselves.And if these people should happen to quit feeding many of these deer will die of starvation.

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