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Daytona Beach, Florida — ( – Madison Rising, “America’s most patriotic rock band,” performed their version of the National Anthem for Nationwide at NASCAR on Saturday. They are taking heat from some “news” sources on their performance. USA Today says, “Unfortunately, Madison Rising went ahead and performed the most ridiculous version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” since Roseanne Barr committed a crime against the song however many years back.”

Play the video above to hear their version of the song. The performance at NASCAR on Saturday was identical to the recorded version that appears on their album, American Hero.

Madison Rising’s lead singer, Dave Bray, explains their version of the National Anthem; “Yes, we took some liberties,” lead singer Dave Bray said before the performance. “But we were already taking some liberties with it musically and melodically. We wanted to make it a rock song people could sing and enjoy. The reverence is still there, but it has sort of taken on the death march in a way. It’s very sullen and sung in a very sullen way. We thought it should be more of a celebratory rock anthem.” (Quote from ABC).

Student of the Gun supports Madison Rising. They are patriots that have a great message and musical talent. What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below!

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  • 3 User comments to “Madison Rising Performs “The Star Spangled Banner” at NASCAR”

    1. USA Today? Are they still around? Madison Rising’s version of the SSB is great.

    2. Greg Narinian on March 20, 2014 at 10:40 PM said:

      I thought it was AMAZING…Look nothing derogatory was said in their rendition, look the way i figure it there are many ways to express our love for this country…traditional and modern…whats the difference we love our country period…This world is getting way to complicated and touchy feely…Look, you don’t have to go to church to talk to God so if you don’t go to church are you a bad person??? GOD BLESS AMERICA…and FUCK EVERYBODY ELSE…

    3. The rendition expresses the courage, determination and sometimes required violence the country once stood for. Sadly those days of pride in our country are fading as rapidly as our national image. LET US PLAY IT ONCE AGAIN, “PLEASE”!

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