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Nelson Mandela Hunter & Conservationist

Nelson Mandela Hunter & Conservationist

Fieldsports Channel TV

Fieldsports Channel TV

United Kingdom --( The headlines this week: Mandela understood benefits of hunting – eagle-eye view caught on camera – and Barney in barney with Beeb. The late Nelson Mandela said it was a blesbok and impala hunting trip in 1991 that switched him on to the importance of environmental issues. Mandela went on a two-and-a-half-week shooting safari with game wardens from kaNgwane’s wildlife department. While there, he learned how hunting and game management allows nature conservation to combine with rural development. British shooting journalists Michael Yardley and Melissa Volpi have set up a new rough looking Facebook group. is a page dedicated to those who want to enjoy the cooking of what they shoot or catch, as much as the chase. Countryside Alliance Executive Chairman Barney White-Spunner is cross with the BBC. The Archers, BBC Radio 4’s everyday story of country folk, has a storyline where farmer Ed Grundy shoots gamekeeper Will Grundy’s dog. Barney has written to the Beeb to point out that this image of farmers wandering around their land with guns cocked, ready to shoot anything that moves is an unhelpful, unfair and inaccurate representation of the responsibilities of gun-ownership and is also unfair to farmers. A poacher who boasted he caught a salmon in a clip posted on YouTube has been fined. Benjamin Cook bragged about catching a salmon, even though the fish he caught was a sea trout, and was filmed removing the fish from a poaching net. Unfortunately for the 31-year-old, a fisheries officer watched the clip and recognised Cook from a previous case of poaching. Cook was prosecuted for using an unlicensed net to catch salmon and sea trout in contravention of the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975. The 86 second clip was shot on the River Sherford in Dorset in the summer of 2009 and uploaded to YouTube UK politicians are not just after badgers. They are after Badger from the Wind in the Willows and all his friends. A raft of environmental organisations including the WWF, RSPB and the Angling Trust say a new bill going through parliament risks handing control of our rivers to the water companies, with rivers running dry as a result, including the River Pang in Berkshire, believed to be the inspiration for Kenneth Grahame’s children’s classic. And finally, it’s the selfie of a lifetime. An eagle stole a trailcam, flew it back to a rock, and inadvertently took this picture of itself. Rangers in Kimberley, Western Australia, had set the camera to capture images of crocodiles. Click here to watch the film:

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