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Are you a prickly person or a sheep?

Are you a prickly person or a sheep?

Student of the Gun

Student of the Gun

Biloxi, Mississippi (Ammoland) In the firearms culture the words “sheep” and “sheepdog” are tossed around quite often to describe people who would seem to be all-too-willing victims and those whose job it is to protect the potential victims.

In the strict sense, a “sheepdog” is specifically tasked with protecting the sheep.

That’s his job. For the average armed citizen, it is not their job to protect the citizenry. They might do so on occasion, but that is not their purpose or calling.

The Porcupine Example
My good friend and one of my original mentors when I began writing professionally, Walter Rauch, introduced me to the term “prickly people” nearly twenty years ago. The way Walt explained it, the normal armed citizen does not really fall into the sheep category, but neither do they truly fit the sheepdog role. Mr. Rauch suggested that armed citizens should attempt to instead emulate the porcupine.

Consider this, in the animal kingdom, the porcupine is not a predator, but neither are they an attractive prey. The solemn porcupine goes about his business not molesting a soul. Should the immature wolf or coyote chose him as their prey they soon discover the error of their decision, painfully. You may have seen these seemingly docile creatures in the wild or at very least in the zoo. The porcupine ambles along, seeking to live their life in peace. It is only when attacked or pushed into a corner that their sharp quills come into play. The porcupine doesn’t use his quills to prey on other animals. This prickly creature’s sharp quills lie flat and even appear soft until the animal is threatened.

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