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Are you Prepared Yet?

Are you Prepared Yet?

Student of the Gun

Student of the Gun

Biloxi, Mississippi --( I grew up in the north. My youth was spent in Detroit, Michigan and my teen years in north central Ohio. In other words, I am intimately familiar with long winters.

When I was young I specifically remember my mother and father keeping a cardboard box of winter-time emergency supplies in the trunk of our family car.

My mom made sure there was an old blanket and she’d stuff the box with extra pairs of mittens and knit hats, just in case. My dad would put a bag of rock salt in the trunk and a short handled flat shovel. My parents weren’t “doomsday preppers”, they just knew that winter weather was unpredictable and sometimes you might get stuck. I remember my grandfather keeping snow-chains for the car tires in the trunk of his Buick.

An Emergency Blanket, just in case.

An Emergency Blanket, just in case.

If we can take away a positive from the long and unusually cold winter this year, it should be an awakening. How many of us have gotten overly comfortable and assumed that everything we need for personal safety and survival is just a mobile phone call away? How many people who looked down their noses at those “paranoid preppers” found themselves stuck out in the freezing temperatures with nothing but a phone in their hands and no help available?

Levels of Preparedness

No one expects you to keep two week’s worth of emergency rations in your car. There are different levels of preparedness for varied situations. I suppose the first question you need to ask yourself is what is your primary concern? Do you live in the Great White North and are worried about freezing? Do you live in the Deep South and understand that a hurricane could knock out the power for weeks?

We can refer to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and look at the base level. Every human being, regardless of location, requires clean water, food, shelter, warmth and sleep to survive. Next up on the pyramid is security, shelter (protection from the elements) stability, and freedom from fear. After the foundation is taken care of man can focus on their social and psychological needs.

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Student of the Gun ~ Watch the Show

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  • 2 User comments to “Are you Prepared Yet?”

    1. Regardless of where you live, Arizona or Alaska having basics with you at all times is easy: A small back pack (with all of this in it so you would walk out if necessary) with 32-54 oz of water (in smaller bottles, blanket, extra matches, wool heqd cover, gloves, flashlight (store batteries separately), small shovel, sweet snacks hard candy is best, first aid kit, small tarp or individual small packed plastic rescue blankets, whistle, light jacket and a pocket knife.

      For cold country basics add: Cold weather hiking shoes, heavy jacket, sleeping bag or more blankets, extra wool sox very warm head cover. These are basics, if you have lots of room you could add all kinds of things right up to a belt fed machine gun.

    2. Instead of hard candy, I’d go for trail mix, tree nuts, or peanuts. Many people, myself included, can’t deal with that much sugar.

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