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Charlotte, NC --(  Yesterday, House Bill 2517 passed in the House Rules Committee and is now scheduled to be considered on the floor of the Arizona House of Representatives as early as, March 12.  HB 2517, introduced by state Representative Steve Smith (R-11), would strengthen Arizona’s firearms preemption laws.

Currently, the firearms preemption statute reserves the authority to regulate firearms for the state legislature.  This bill would fortify consistency in firearm and ammunition laws through a provision that would impose penalties for willful or knowing violations of this statute by localities.  Please call AND e-mail your two state Representatives today and encourage them to SUPPORT HB 2517.  Contact information for your Representatives can be found here.

Last week, House Bill 2535 passed in the House Rules Committee and a vote on the House floor could occur as early as this week.  HB 2535, introduced by state Representative John Kavanagh (R-23), would require that when certification from a chief law enforcement officer (CLEO) is a prerequisite by federal law for the transfer of a firearm or firearm suppressor — as defined in the National Firearms Act — such certification must be provided within sixty days if the applicant is not prohibited by law from receiving the firearm or firearm suppressor.  This legislation would ensure deadlines are met and that individuals who are lawfully seeking to transfer a firearm or firearm suppressor are able to do so in an expeditious manner.  Additionally, HB 2535 would provide an individual who has been denied certification by a CLEO with a written explanation for the denial.  Please call AND e-mail your two state Representatives today and encourage them to SUPPORT HB 2535.  Contact information for your state Representatives can be found here.

Yesterday, the state House of Representatives passed House Bill 2103 by a 39-18 vote.  HB 2103, introduced by state Representative Kelly Townsend (R-16), would allow an individual of at least nineteen years of age to obtain a concealed weapon permit if the person is currently in military service or has been honorably discharged.  This legislation is a wonderful way to thank our military for their service and will benefit law-abiding gun owners in Arizona.  HB 2103 has been sent to the Senate where it awaits committee assignment and consideration.  Please call AND e-mail your state Senator and encourage him or her to SUPPORT HB 2103.  Contact information for your state Senator can be found here.

Last week, House Bill 2322 passed in the state House of Representatives by a 57-1 vote, and now awaits consideration by the Senate Public Safety Committee.  HB 2322, introduced by state Representative Justin Pierce (R-25), was problematic as introduced, but because of the sponsor’s strong commitment to the Second Amendment, this bill has been amended to remove those problematic provisions.  HB 2322 now focuses on ensuring that mental health records of persons prohibited from owning a firearm are reported to the state Department of Public Safety for the purpose of a National Instant Criminal Background Check.  Your NRA is continuing to monitor this legislation, and will keep you informed as progress is made.
Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

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    1. Oddly your story only speaks of 1 of 2 pro-freedom bills passed yesterday in the Arizona State Legislature; you omitted a more sweeping bill, HB2339.

      This legislation allows full access to public buildings and events to holders of a valid Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons permit. With certain restrictions (schools and special events holding an alcohol beverage license such as a sporting stadium), law abiding citizens holding a CCW will be allowed free access to public property and events.

      I’m not sure why this blogsite seemed to over look this important legislation or why the NRA seems silent on this bill?

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