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'Fired Up! With Bob Irwin' Covers One Of The Hottest Most Contested Topics In America - Guns

‘Fired Up! With Bob Irwin’ Covers One Of The Hottest Most Contested Topics In America – Guns

Fired Up! with Bob Irwin

Fired Up! with Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV --( Fired Up! with Bob Irwin is a 1-hour weekly show featuring (3) 10 minute topical panel discussions covering all things Guns, Politics, and Self-Defense.

Says Bob,”We promote responsible gun ownership and especially responsible actions for those people who choose to protect themselves and others by exercising their right to carry concealed. In addition to our panel discussions, we feature numerous segments in between the panels that keep the show tempo upbeat and aim to keep viewers interested in the show whether they are in our core demographic or not.”

“Currently in our home market of Las Vegas our show airs in the 8am Saturday morning time slot on the MYLVTV network; after approximately 4 months on the air we are receiving Nielsen overnight ratings just under a 1-in-All 4 quarters, and a 2 share. Our ratings have grown with every week the show is on the air and we expect to break 1’s in all 4 quarters soon. We have also begun syndicating our show on our own independent broadcast stations. We now have affiliates in Kansas and California and are working on others.”

“Our panels and interviews focus on current topics across the country – state laws, proposed changes to state laws, current issues, use of force self-defense cases currently in the court system, and generally any newsworthy topics that gun owners and 2nd Amendment advocates should know about.”

“Our production team is a small group and our shared goal is to improve the show with every additional sponsor and affiliate. We are constantly upgrading equipment and making changes that enhance the show such as covering large events like Big Sandy Shoot and SHOT Show.”


Fired Up! with Bob Irwin covers one of the hottest most contested and talked about topics in America right now, and is one of the only shows that covers these topics from a responsible pro gun point of view every week.

Our cast includes veterans of ‘Pawn Stars’ – ‘Americas Most Wanted’ – ‘COPS’ – ‘Las Vegas’ – ‘Casino’ – ‘Expendables II’ – ‘Local News’ both interviews and commentary, and other movies and television shows, as well as 3 published authors.

Las Vegas based show filmed at the world famous ‘The Gun Store’, the originator of the juggernaut “Machine Gun Tourism” craze that has people lined up out the door from all over the world which gives viewers a tangible, accessible location that they can visit year round while on vacation to connect with the show and further solidify their involvement with the show and continued viewership upon returning home.

Opportunities for sponsored organized shooting matches and events with the show cast that can be purchased or given away through viewer interaction.

Fresh up-to-date content every week that already pulls ratings.

All footage shot in HD.


Each Show is comprised of 3 panel discussions lasting anywhere from 7-12 minutes per panel for a total of approximately 30 minutes of panel discussion.

Our segments feature numerous activities, demonstrations, reviews and information geared towards our core demographic as well as those who may just be flipping through. Some of our regular segments include:

Less than lethal options for those not comfortable with carrying a firearm or for situations in which a firearm is not allowed or necessary.

  • Historic Firearms Demonstration – Each Week Tony Dee (Weapon Expert for Pawn Stars and Fired Up!) presents viewers with a historically significant firearm, covers its’ role in history and live fire demonstration.
  • Gun show recaps – we attend gun shows and show folks what they missed, interview people of interest we meet, and show what is available to folks who come down to the gun show.
  • Questions With Bob – Bob answers gun related questions submitted by the viewers.
  • Hunter Safety – we remind folks about weapon maintenance and other tips just prior to hunting season so that their hunting trips aren’t ruined by preventable causes.
  • Political Interviews – Interviews with politicians about 2nd Amendment issues.
  • Firearms related Public Service Announcements.
  • Coverage of large firearms events.
  • Legal tips for firearms owners.


While there are some changes and substitutions on our cast from time to time, our primary line up consists of the following:

  • Our Host – Bob Irwin – Expert knowledge of firearms, gun laws, gunsmithing, and an active 2nd Amendment advocate.
  • Our Co-Host – Emily Miller – Gun Store Marketing Manager, provides female point of view and insights into how cases can affect genders differently.
  • Michael Giles – Criminal Defense Attorney – Speaks to Constitutional law issues and general legal issues as well.
  • Lt. Randy Sutton (Retired) – Provides commentary from a 35 year veteran police officer’s point of view.
  • Tony Dee – Master gunsmith and weapons expert (As seen on Pawn Stars), and longtime NRA Certified Instructor gives training expert point of view.

As of November 2013, Fired Up! with Bob Irwin is being broadcasted in 4 states reaching approximately 6 million households. Our affiliates cover the majority of Southern California, central Kansas, rural Oklahoma, and southern Nevada with Cable, Satellite, Broadcast, and IPTV providers. We are currently in negotiations with several other stations including central coast CA and Bay Area CA and a National Outdoor Sports Themed Channel. Visit:

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