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Bond Arms Derringer

How To Buy Your First Handgun 101 by Bond Arms

Bond Arms

Bond Arms

Texas --( Discover how to buy the perfect first handgun for you. How to buy your first handgun 101 was created to help you pick your first handgun.

For a limited time we are taking our full length DVD and making it available for free to show you how you can make sure to get the best handgun for your needs.

In the video we cover:

  • -Overall Buying a Handgun concepts
  • -Firearm Safety
  • -Handgun Terminology for semi-automatic, revolvers and derringers
  • -Pros And Cons Of Different Handgun Styles
  • -What to Consider When Purchasing Your New Handgun
  • -What’s the Best Ammunition For Me?
  • -Bonus Features

Visit or for more information.

About Bond Arms
Bond Arms has been manufacturing derringer style firearms since 1995 and is recognized for its dependable, well-built double-barrel handguns, which feature historically inspired designs. They are trusted firearms for personal protection as well as cowboy action shooting. Bond Arm derringers have been the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) World Champions for 10 years in a row now!

  • 3 User comments to “How To Buy Your First Handgun 101 by Bond Arms ~ Video”

    1. I was going to forward the link to the video to my nephew who is considering his first handgun. I decided not because in the video, Amy asked Justin, “What are some safety precautions?” He said to make sure the firearm was unloaded, picked up the gun, swept across her and then checked to see if it was unloaded. He then picked up the revolver and twisted it around so the muzzle swept her again. I quit watching after that.

    2. “Well built” is an understatement. I bought a Bond Arms Ranger .45 Colt/.410 3″ with 4 1/4″ barrels, and the damned thing is built like a tank. Handles any .45 Colt I’ve tried, including top-end damned-near magnum loadings with ease. Speer 260 JHP over 12 grains of Unique; no wuss loading there.

    3. L.A.Barber on April 2, 2014 at 11:40 AM said:

      Why can I not find any info on the Bond Texas Defender 2 barrel 44 mag derringer? I own one that I bought new some years ago.

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