Who The Heck Is HSM Ammunition?

A long time major player in ultra-quality and specialized American made ammunition may be a company you have never heard of? So who are these guys anyway?

Hunting Shack Munitions
Hunting Shack Munitions

Stevensville, MT –-(Ammoland.com)-  Hunting Shack Munitions, Inc. (HSM) is not a little outfit with a batch of hand operated presses.

HSM Ammunition is a major player with 45 highly-experienced employees turning out 500,000+ rounds of high-power rifle and pistol ammunition a day!

In business since 1968 HSM started primarily by supporting law enforcement with range and duty ammunition. The company then quickly moved into the manufacture of restricted special purpose ammunition for certain law enforcement and federal organizations.

Over the last 20-years while continuing to service special units with unique ammunition HSM has moved more into the commercial market with a truly huge variety of ammunition; would you believe some 950 loads over 120 calibers?

HSM markets exclusively through 2,100 retailers which include Cabelas, Sportsman’s Warehouse and major catalog outlets as Midway USA and Sportsman’s Guide.

One unique commercial line of hunting ammunition HSM produces is their Trophy Gold brand.Trophy Gold is exclusively loaded with famed Berger Bullets. For many years Berger Bullets has been producing incredibly accurate bullets primarily used by high-level competitors.

HSM in collaboration with Berger Bullets developed their Trophy Gold line of ballistic efficient very low drag (VLD) match grade accurate ammunition for extended range hunting. The Trophy Gold VLD rounds are specifically designed to deliver 100 percent of their energy inside the animal for quick kills at long range reduced velocities and yet to do so without destroying meat at closer ranges either; a neat trick!

HSM Ammunition, a company you will hear much more of in the future.

HSM Ammunition
Stevensville, MT 59870

HSM Ammunition is veteran owned company and is actively involved in veteran employment and support.

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    1. I used to buy HSM reloaded ammunition at Turner’s Outdoorsman in Pasadena about 15 years ago, haven’t seen that brand around in years.

    2. Wish I’d seen this yesterday. I just got back from taking 2 of my Grandchildren back to DFW and met my Daughter and Son-in-Law at Cabelas. Saw the HSM ammo (.223/5.56mm) on the shelf, opened the box and saw WCC headstamps, and put it back. These boxes DID NOT HAVE RE-MANUFACTURED on them. Different loads from HSM were marked RE-MANUFACTURED. BTW, I liked the price on the RE-MAN, but I do not buy ammo I have a question about, and Cabelas was packed at that time. I did buy some different 5.56 at a reasonable price. About the only ammo not in stock was .22LR and 9mm that was not Top Dollar duty ammo.

      Jim B.
      Abilene, Texas

    3. INFO ONLY. HSM also sells by the name BVAC which stands for Bitterroot Valley Ammunition Co. They sell new ammo and reloads and both boxes are clearly marked. Been using it for years and no complaints.

    4. HSM (Hunting Shack Munitions) and BVAC (Bitterroot Valley Ammunition Company) are separate companies both located in the Bitterroot Valley south of Missoula MT. Between some co-workers and I, we have shot 1000’s of rds of HSM ammo with no issues at all, and when buying bulk they have been great to deal with. Plus for target shooting it’s a lot more affordable than new ammo.

    5. I have a 329pd i just picked up and picked up HSM-44m-15n 305 grain rounds i know it will kick like a sob wondering if gun will handle it

      1. I just called Smith & Wesson to see if hey recommend the HSM 305g bear loads for the 329pd S&W revolver. They said to call HSM and ask them if this ammo falls within the SAMMI guidelines. I called HSM and they told me they are within SAMMI guidelines, HOWEVER, they do NOT recommend shooting them out of any S&W revolvers. They told me for .44 magnum revolvers one should only use a max of 240 gr. Any higher is much too much wear and tear on the gun. There are larger caliber revolvers that are made for larger cartridges. If you do shoot these and you have a problem with them, S&W will not warranty the gun as they only will warranty bullets 300g and smaller. I hope this helps.

    6. I have a box of HSM custom plus ammunition ,38special,147 Grain,JHP. Can you tell me what the muzzle velocity and muzzle energy is? Is this 38Special +p ammunition. I do not want to use it in my gun if it will ruin it.
      Thank you

    7. I have never used this ammo, but if you haft to order it from some company it is just a little pricey, I can buy Winchester for 21 dollars a box 50 in the box and it works good for me in my 45 long colt.

    8. I had a customer service problem with HSM and they never followed up.

      I bought a box 250ct of 125 lead TC bullets from them that were listed as .358″ dia on the box. Turns out they were all .355-.356″. The company never replied to my requests for service. I will not be purchasing any more of their products.

    9. Bought HSM’s 45 Colt bear load after learning the ballistics on another website. For some reason, HSM does not put any ballistic info on their boxes (only the slug weight). Wanted a defense round between 850 fps of cowboy ammo and the 1150 fps of the bear load, but chose another brand from the store shelf, which had the info on the box.

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