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Field Champion Mike

Field Champion Mike

Bird Hunters United

Bird Hunters United

Ravenwood, MO - -( Bird Hunters United: Tell us about your dog?

Mike is an English Setter who runs very big, difficult to keep in the field, has a rocket nose, beautiful style with a twelve o’clock tail and just loves to hunt birds. He is not a happy dog unless he is in the field hunting or competing. I am not sure of his breeding, but he is a great BHU hunting companion and competitor!!!!! He makes me very proud!!!

BHU: What kind of gun you use?

CZ O/U Red Head, 20 ga.

BHU: What was the toughest challenge becoming a Pointing Field Champion?

With Mike, it continues to be the “keep him under control” element of competition. He loves to run big, so the biggest challenge is not letting him get out too far, then it is very difficult to control him. One thing is for certain, once he goes on point, he will not move until I get the bird in the air.

BHU: What other dog activities to you enjoy?

Competing BHU is my main dog competition, but I do compete in NSTRA as well. My dogs are athletes and I feed them to compete.

BHU:Who’s helped you the most?

Brenda Park

BHU: Has BHU made you and your dog a better hunter’s, if so how?

Sheer competition will make you a better dog owner and hunter/competitor. For years I have been embarrassed by my bad shooting and my dogs were an embarrassment in the field too, but as we continue to practice together, then maybe some day we will all get better.

BHU: In your words, what is a champion handler and dog in BHU?

BHU has the best dogs in the Midwest and we are very proud of our dogs and competitors. Bird Hunters United requires our dogs to be more steady than most field trial circuits especially with the “trapped bird” rule. But, that is OK and in the long run, it will be better for our league.

BHU: Any plans on breeding FC Mike?

If the right lady with 4 legs strolls along, I am quite certain that Mike would oblige!!!

Your new champ FC MIKE !


About Bird Hunters United
Where hunters meet to better themselves and their dogs. Great dogs, great people, BHU trial hunting. Trial hunting designed by hunters for hunters. Visit:

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