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Anyone anywhere can help us in this campaign and your help is much appreciated.

NJ2AS Twitter Army

NJ2AS Twitter Army

New Jersey --( Greetings everyone,

I have enclosed a huge folder full of content for you to fax to the members of the NJ Assembly along with their fax numbers.

Yes, I told you I no longer care about anyone but Christie, but there is a method to my madness. In order for Christie to feel justified in issuing a VETO for A2006, we must provide him reasons for the veto and we must also show him we’ve exhausted all other avenues. This task is very simple and can be completely automated.

For those of you with fax machines connected to your computers, choose the content you want to send, enter the phone numbers below in the format I’ve provided, and click send. Repeat until I tell you to stop.

For those of you with fax machines not connected to your computers, choose the content you want to send, print it out, enter the phone numbers below, click send. Repeat & keep repeating until further notice.

Here is the list of Assembly fax numbers:

(609)465-4578;609-677-8853;(609) 465-4578;(856) 293-1501;(856) 696-7159;(856) 765-0891;(856) 696-7109;(732) 531-1706;(732) 974-2564;(609) 465-4578;(609) 631-0324;609-633-9806;856-339-9626;856-232-6844;856-401-3076;856-547-5496;856-435-3849;856-461-3823;856-234-2957;609-654-4518;201-444-9732;973-237-1364;201-666-5255;201-391-3675;201-567-8514;201-374-2205;201-928-0406;201-973-0984;973-249-6281;973-247-1550;973-395-1724;973-779-3156;973-509-9241;201-795-9253;201-714-4963;201-223-4624;201-770-1326;201-536-7854;732-974-2564;973-624-5045;973-589-0716;973-450-0487;973-377-0391;973-762-6118;(973)539-8752;(973)927-2529;973-927-2529;973-539-8752;973-584-4672;908-238-0256;908-722-1542;908-668-9962;908-561-5547;908-918-0275;908-232-3345;908-232-2741;908-232-2741;908-624-0587;908-327-9122;908-624-0587;908-327-9122;732-855-7558;732-432-8463;908-757-6841;732-548-1623;732-249-6426;732-247-4383;908-824-7287;908-450-7067;609-633-2179;609-633-2179;609-631-0324;609-631-7531;732-933-1598;732-787-0356;732-446-3594;732-866-4262;732-531-1706;732-840-9757;732-840-9757;609-693-2469;609-693-2469;609-654-4518;856-234-2957;856-461-3823;856-435-3849;856-547-5496;856-401-3076;856-232-6844;856-251-9752;856-339-9626;856-251-9752;856-339-9626;609-677-8853;856-765-0897;856-696-7159;609-465-4578

I want each of these Assemblymen to get thousands and thousands of these faxes. That means you should make sure you’re sending these faxes all day long, all night and all weekend. When Christie asks the Assembly if they heard from any of the supporters or opposition to A2006, I want to hear the combined groan from the Assembly all the way behind the quarry in the Boy Scout Camp and Dog Trail in Berlin.

This is the first part of our effort to get A2006 thrown out with the trash. I want these faxes to flow from now until I tell you to stop, and I won’t tell you to stop for a long, long time. When the bill moves to the Senate (and it will move to the Senate), you will double down on faxing the Senate and continue to fax the Assembly. Once the bill arrives at the Senate, we will start faxing Christie. I don’t want to piss him off too early, so for now, just stick to the Assembly faxes and the Christie Tweets I sent yesterday. I have included some faxes I’ve received from NJ2AS Members like @DBystrowski. Thank you Dariusz! If you would like to send your own content, please feel free to do so. If you’d like to share that content with the rest of us, please send it to me in any format and I will make sure it’s accessible to everyone. The enclosed folder contains fax content in Macintosh Pages format as well as Windows Word format. As always, keep up the great work and let me know any complaints, comments, or kudos.

IMPORTANT: IF YOU HAVE NOT UNFOLLOWED @NJSENATEPRES SWEENEY, PLEASE DO SO NOW! I want all of you to unfollow that dirtbag right now. I want his Twitter followers to drop like a stone! Do it now!!!

Down Load Fax Folder:

Warm regards,

Social Media Coordinator

Oppose New Jersey's Standard Capacity Gun Magazine Ban – A2006

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