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Sportsman’s Challenge

Sportsman’s Challenge

SPOKANE, Washington --( Since 2011 The Sportsman’s Challenge has tested hundreds of the finest, most experienced shooters in the Northwest.

Beginning in 2014, the outdoor athletes who participate in The Sportsman’s Challenge will have an advantage – Wilderness Athlete’s outdoor performance nutrition.

The Sportsman’s Challenge was started two and half years ago to give participants the chance to challenge and heighten their long-range and short-range shooting skills. The competition places participants in rugged terrain, hills and valleys, and the outdoor elements. The targets, which resemble native wildlife, challenge competitors with life size kill zones, distance, elevation, and shooting positions and are positioned throughout a timed course.

“We provide events where shooters test their short-range and long-range skills”, says Caleb Hallett, Founder of The Sportsman’s Challenge. “We have people from all walks of life participating – old, young, male, female, hunters, military, and law enforcement. Many participants have been with us since we started and it’s great to see them coming back each year.”

The competition requires participants to be both physically and mentally prepared in order to make the shot. Participants move through the competition in groups, making their way to each shooting course consisting of seven to ten targets. Upon reaching each post, participants must spot the targets, dial in for distance, wind and elevation, and control their heartbeat before firing, simulating a real field experience. The groups are responsible for timing, spotting and scoring. If a target is missed, a second shot can be taken but with a point reduction. A challenge official will be at each post to assist the groups if needed.

“Preparing your body to perform under these conditions is just as important as making an accurate shot,” says Hallett. “We are excited to have a world-class nutritional supplement company like Wilderness Athlete on board with us. I’ve been using their Energy & Focus and Hydrate & Recover drinks and taking the 28-Day Challenge. I can honestly say the products have made a huge difference in my health and my ability to focus and concentrate while I’m out here.”

“This is an incredible opportunity for Wilderness Athlete,” says Mark Paulsen, Founder of Wilderness Athlete. “The participants that compete in these events are pushing themselves both physically and mentally and we are proud to provide that nutritional edge they need to compete in these events.”

The Sportsman’s Challenge offers both short-range and long-range competitive shooting events in the Northwest. Participants come from all over North America with skills ranging from the novice to the world-class competitor. For more information visit or contact them via email at

Wilderness Athlete, L.L.C., The Authority on Outdoor Performance Nutrition™, markets premier outdoor performance nutrition supplements formulated specifically for the outdoor athlete. The company’s mission is to improve the health and quality of life for the outdoor athlete by providing unique, field-tested, science based products designed to help maximize performance before, during and after any outdoor experience. For more information, visit or call 1-800-300-1215.

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