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Deer Cain Apple

Deer Cain Apple

Evolved Habitats

Evolved Habitats

New Roads, L.A.--( Evolved Habitats, America’s #1 brand of wildlife nutritional products developed to attract and hold wildlife, introduces Deer Cane Apple an apple infused deer attractant mix powered by the addictive and beneficial ingredients of original Deer Cain and enriched with Evolved’s exclusive Glo-Cote Ultra Violet enhancement technology.

Powered by the irresistible, addicting and proven ingredients of original Deer Cain Deer Cane Apple blends the nutritional benefits of original Deer Cain with the sweet flavor of apple taking this tried and true attractant to the next level. Like its predecessor Deer Cane Apple drives deer crazy making them paw, lick, gnaw and scrape sites to get to the nutrients they need and crave.

Enhanced by moisture, the highly active minerals and apple scents in Deer Cane Apple emit a vapor that attract deer to the supplement sites from long distances. Further improving the magnetism, Deer Cane Apple utilizes Evolved’s exclusive Glo-Cote Ultra Violet enhancement technology, which emits a neon blue glow seen by deer from all directions.

In chorus, this attraction tantalizes deer and uses their sense of sight, smell and taste against them making Deer Cane Apple the ultimate deer attractant. Each 5lb bag of powdered attractant will create two mineral sites and features critical minerals such as sodium, calcium and phosphorous to aid in overall heard health, musculoskeletal and antler development.

About Glo-Cote:
It has long been known deer can see into the Ultra Violet Spectrum (UV). Unlike humans, deer can pick up UV well into the spectrum and have used it to their advantage to navigate in the dark and in low light situations. With Glo-Cote Ultra Violet Enhanced Visual Attractant the tables have been turned, and UV is now a way to attract and enforce positive experiences with the aid of UV. Evolved’s exclusive and Patented Glo-Cote Ultra Violet Enhanced Visual Attractant was developed as a way for deer to see scent and attractants or food that rely

on scent to be effective. Unlike standard attractants, such as feed, minerals, powders, sprays, blocks and scents where animals must cross downwind of a very narrow scent cone (as limited as 2 degrees) to discover the attractant, products treated with Glo-Cote emit a 360 degree visual queue that petitions the animal’s attention. Like Pavlov’s Dog, upon the discovery of the attractant they are rewarded with a positive experience and will actively seek out the ultra-visible site repeatedly. This means there is 180X greater opportunity of discovery of your attractant! Field tests have shown areas, food and attracts treated with Glo-Cote are recognized and visited within 24 hours of application and receive significantly greater traffic and usage when compared to those that have not been treated. Glo-Cote Ultra Violet Enhanced Visual Attractant has been tested nationwide and proven in every region of the country.

Areas and attractants using Glo-Cote have also show-increased recruitment of deer to the sites as well as a significant upsurge in daylight deer activity. Because of the increased visibility Glo-Cote creates a sense of urgency to visit the sites to avoid competition.

Glo-Cote can help “activate” scarcely used food plots, scent corridors and bait sites allowing hunters to steer deer to specific locations by either treating crops, native vegetation (browse) to their desired location. Glo-Cote is sure to change the hunting industry forever and is the next generation in deer attractants.

Mfg# 26953

MSRP: $9.99

About Evolved: Evolved has grown to more than 40 different products over the years and continues to set the standard with innovative new products. Evolved products are dedicated to enhancing the overall experience of the outdoor enthusiast and with the help and support of their loyal customers; their ability to research and create innovative products continues to expand. If you are looking to attract, supplement and hold deer, Evolved has the products for you. For more information on Evolved and to view the complete line of products please visit or call 225-638-4094.

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