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Girls Guide to First Shots with Tisma Juett

Girls Guide to First Shots with Tisma Juett

Gun Girl Radio

Gun Girl Radio

Dekalb, IL --( The Gun Girls are back on schedule recording Gun Girl Radio despite moving, working and shooting.

In addition to the updates from the past week and listener questions, this week is the girls guide to First Shots with special guest Tisma Juett from NSSF First Shots Program.

Julie Golob has been moving and grooving- literally. In her cross country move she has learned a lot of important lessons on keeping your firearms records in good order and how to keep everything straight while packing and transporting. This week she shares some great tips in her update.

Randi Rogers is in full shooting swing with two USPSA matches and a three gun match. She shares her experiences shooting at home, lessons about practice ammo and match ammo as well as some lessons learned in her last 3 Gun matches.

For the main portion of the show Randi interviews Tisma Juett from the NSSF First shots. The NSSF offers great resources and programs for businesses in the firearms, hunting and outdoor industry including the First Shots Program, Second Round Program, Project Child Safe and Where to Tisma helps guide listeners through the different programs and shares her own personal introduction to the shooting sports, her love of getting new individuals involved and her answers to all our favorite gun girl questions.

Episode 39 wraps up with a few listener questions including a question on comparing and contrasting SASS cowboy action shooting with Modern 3gun shooting.  You won’t want to miss this week’s show! Listen to the entire episode at or subscribe to the show on iTunes. Have questions for Randi or Julie? Email them to

About Gun Girl Radio:
Gun Girl Radio is a proud part of the Firearms Radio Network. The show features information and insider perspective on shooting sports, training, hunting and all things outdoors by two of the firearms industry’s most talented female shooters, Randi Rogers and Julie Golob. Gun Girl Radio releases every other Wednesday at 12:00 pm CST. Subscribe to the Gun Guy Radio email list and listen via iTunes, or Stitcher

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