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Larysa and Melissa at the Quinlan Ranch

Larysa and Melissa at the Quinlan Ranch

Larysa Unleashed

Larysa Unleashed

Chama New Mexico - -( I’m no stranger to the Quinlan Ranch in Chama New Mexico.  This was my 2nd time hunting there and my first trip resulted in a 355 bull!

I really felt like apart of the family especially since the Casias family manages it.  Mark runs the ranch with the other excellent guides.

They call Mark the Elk Whisper because it doesn’t matter what stage the elk hunting is in, he knows the language of the elk. He can sweet talk an elk right to you which is shown during Melissa’s Bow hunt.  Melissa is Mark’s wife who does all the other jobs to make sure the Quinlan Ranch is ran smoothly! From time to time you will meet their adorable daughter Sierra who is a little hunter in training!

I was really looking forward to this hunt because besides me getting to chase a bugling elk, Mark was going to allow Melissa and I to be unleashed on the Quinlan Ranch in search of a Mule Deer for Melissa!  After getting decked out in SHE safari Camouflage thanks to Bass Pro Shops we quickly went to sight in our rifles! As Mark was driving us back from the range we spotted some mule deer bucks.

We let him drop us off so we can take a closer look.  Unfortunately the stud of the group walked off and bedded down.  We got repositioned and tried to get him to stand up for a shot however once he stood, he took off quickly without presenting a shot.  That wasn’t the last opportunity at that buck and we proved that ladies on their own can get it done!

It was great hunting with Melissa because we bonded instantly over our love for the sport and wanting to share it.  She is passing on her passion to her daughter, which she brings on her hunts as her sidekick.  It became time for us to chase an elk for me with Mark as our caller and we heard a deep bugle in the distance.  We set up with Mark calling behind us and this elk’s bugle kept getting louder. It was the perfect scenario until we got busted by a group of mule deer behind us.   They winded us and ran right towards the elk that we had making his way right into our trap!

Back to the drawing board and we needed to figure something out before the bad weather moved in that was on its way! However, the Quinlan Ranch never disappoints and we ended the trip enjoying some delicious elk burgers that tasted like success!

Watch this episode airing now on the Sportsman Channel Sunday at 12:30pm, Wednesday at 4pm and Fridays at 9:30am eastern standard times.

Will Re-air the week starting June 8th 2014.

Larysa Switlyk

Larysa Switlyk with at 355 bull elk

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