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By AWR Hawkins

Lawless Holder and Obama

Obama Requests $1.1 Billion, DOJ $382.1 Million for Gun Control

AmmoLand Gun News

AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC - -(  President Obama has requested $1.1 billion and the Department of Justice (DOJ) asked for $382.1 million for gun control “to protect Americans from gun violence.” 

Included in the DOJ’s $382.1 million figure is a request for $2 million for smart gun technology grants.

According to The Washington Beacon, Obama’s $1.1 billion “[includes] $182 million to support the president’s ‘Now is the Time’ gun safety initiative.”

Now is the Time” includes the following:

1. Require background checks for all gun sales.2. Strengthen the background check system for gun sales.

3. Pass a new, stronger ban on assault weapons.

4. Limit ammunition magazines to 10 rounds.

4. Finish the job of getting armor-piercing bullets off the streets

5. Give law enforcement additional tools to prevent and prosecute gun crime

6. End the freeze on gun violence research

7. Make our schools safer with new resource officers and counselors, better emergency response plans, and more nurturing school climates.

8. Ensure quality coverage of mental health treatment, particularly for young people.

As previously reported, expanded background checks would not have stopped the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary; even Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) admit this.

Moreover, as we reported on April 7th 2014, murder rates were 19.3 percent higher while the federal “assault weapons”  ban was in place (1994-2004).

Why would we, then, spend over a hundred million dollars instituting another ban?

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  • 8 User comments to “Obama Requests $1.1 Billion, DOJ $382.1 Million, for Gun Control”

    1. I guess the dumbasses in the DOJ dont seem to care that 90% of the ACTUAL Cops in this country dont think that Gun Control does a damned thing to reduce crime.

    2. If Obama just wants to piss away money why doesn’t he send his ugly wife on another vacation?

      There’s no way he’s going to get anything on his gun control wishlist.

    3. @Hank, Obama may be pissing away money, but he also wants to piss on the 2nd Amendment. Obama is critical of the Constitution, some kind of BS about “negative liberties”, that limits his powers.

    4. Taxation pays for tyranny. When we stop allowing our money to be stolen from us (taxation) we’ll stop having to deal with this kind of BS.

    5. capndad on April 11, 2014 at 8:59 AM said:

      They can only take what you give them. The only real question for American patriots is…. Will you fight?

    6. More concealed carry=less violence.

    7. Both of these men will be judged by history as being the most incompetent and impotent men to hold the office of POTUS and AG.

      I guess they had their left hand behind their backs when they took the Oath of Office.

      They can ask for as much money as they want but without Congress they can’t get any.

    8. i do not understand why both of them are not in a federal prison for fast and furious.these two are nothing but more money just jail

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