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Evolved Intensifies Attractant Power With Glo-Cote Ultraviolet Enhancement.

Glo-Cote Ultraviolet Enhancement

Glo-Cote Ultraviolet Enhancement

Evolved Habitats

Evolved Habitats

USA --( Evolved Habitats, America’s #1 brand of wildlife nutritional products developed to attract and hold wildlife, introduces a groundbreaking technology that is sure to significantly, increase the potential of your deer attractants – Glo-Cote Ultraviolet Enhancement Technology.

Research has proven whitetails can see well into the ultraviolet (UV) light spectrum – a wavelength invisible to the human eye – and it is widely acknowledged whitetails use this to their advantage to navigate in dark and low-light situations.

Evolved Habitats’ Glo-Cote ultraviolet additive was developed to enable deer to “see” scents, attractants or foods. Evolved Habitats patented Glo-Cote is an ultraviolet additive that emits a visible neon-blue “glow” deer can see, night or day, piquing their curiosity and drawing them in. Standard attractants such as feeds, minerals, powders, sprays, blocks and scents require animals to physically walk downwind in a very narrow scent corridor (as small as two degrees) to discover the attractant.

In contrast, products treated with Evolved Habitat’s Glo-Cote emit a 360-degree visual queue (a neon blue glow) that grabs the animal’s attention. Like Pavlov’s dog, upon the discovery of the attractant, whitetails are rewarded with a positive experience, associating the neon-glow with food. Deer actively seek out these ultra-visible sites repeatedly.

Being rendered visually attractive in 360-degrees, treated products or enhanced sites are 180-times more likely to be discovered by animals over traditional, untreated attractants. Exhaustive field-testing has proven that areas and products (i.e., food plots, bait stations, feeders, agricultural crops) treated with Evolved Habitat’s Glo-Cote are discovered and frequented within 24 hours of application (some even sooner) and receive significantly greater traffic and usage when compared to untreated sites and products.

Evolved Habitats’ Glo-Cote has been tested nationwide and proven effective in every region of the country. Additionally, areas and products treated with the revolutionary Evolved Habitats’ Glo-Cote receive significantly more daylight traffic when compared to untreated areas. Additionally, research has shown that Evolved Habitats’ Glo-Cote treated products are consumed in higher volume than untreated products, helping whitetails grow bigger and healthier. Evolved Habitats’ Glo-Cote can also be used to “activate” scarcely used food plots or bait sites, allowing hunters to steer deer to specific locations by treating crops, native vegetation (browse) or other food sources.

For 2014, Glo-Cote UV Enhancement Technology will add to the attraction of Evolved Habitats’ Dirt Bag, Dirt Block, Deer Cane RTH and Deer Cane Apple Mix and is sure to change the way humans and deer look at deer attractants and supplemental feeding.

About Evolved: Evolved has grown to more than 40 different products over the years and continues to set the standard with innovative new products. Evolved products are dedicated to enhancing the overall experience of the outdoor enthusiast and with the help and support of their loyal customers; their ability to research and create innovative products continues to expand. If you are looking to attract, supplement and hold deer, Evolved has the products for you. For more information on Evolved and to view the complete line of products please visit or call 225-638-4094.

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    1. Michael Hatcher on August 24, 2014 at 2:17 PM said:

      where can I get a sample to try of this Glo-Cote
      thanks Mike

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