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Matt Burkett 3GN-S Model Shotgun

Matt Burkett 3GN-S Model Shotgun

Predator Tactical

Predator Tactical

Tempe, Arizona. --( Shotguns have pretty much always been an expensive and difficult PIA of 3 Gun shooting.

From getting one working to finding accessories and then finally getting the loading area modified by someone who has a clue what there doing.

So Matt Burkett went to see what he could do about solving the problem. The result is the new Burkett 3GN-S a custom buillt shotgun exclusively for Predator Tactical.

The Burkett 3GN-S solves the following features:

  • No more picky ammo, feeding, and cycling issues. Our gas piston system eats everything!
  • No more losing the bead! Our fiber optic front & rear sights are easy to aquire on the move.
  • No more looking down the barrel to see what choke is in it! Ours are color coded for quick identification.
  • No more sticking your finger in the barrel to unscrew a choke because you misplaced your choke wrench during a match.
  • No more slippery grip! Our stippled stock and forend help you keep your weapon under control.
  • Twin & Quad Load Ready, with Oversized, Extended Controls.

Shipping Upon ATF Import approval. First run quantities limited to 125 units. Guarantee yours by pre-ordering TODAY!

Says Matt Burkett:

“The import status on Burkett 3GN-S model shotguns has moved two steps forward!
I would like to thank those that have the new shotgun on pre-order and update you with our new importation status. We have moved from a “Pending Research” status to “Submitted” and have been issued a permit number but are not “Approved” yet. This is the part of importation that I have no control over. We have passed the “research” area which occurred due to the new manufacturer and gun model that is not on record at the ATF from previous importations.”

“That is the good news, the unknown is how long it will take to receive approved status on our permit. The shotguns are ready for final assembly and testing. I am returning to Turkey next week to check all production, QC and testing procedures to make sure everything is being handled properly. If everything works out flight and time wise, I will be introducing the shotgun to the German market on July 1st in Berlin on the way back to America.”

The shotgun will not ship with a single piece 10 round tube installed. It will ship in the standard 2+1 “plugged” configuration. Tube extensions for 7, 8 and 10 round capacities along with an extended spring will ship either with the firearm or independently based on individual state laws. A 10 round one piece tube will also be available either in trade for the original tube and extension or for a nominal fee of $65 to pre-order clients ($115 retail).

Spare Barrels in 18, 18″ rifled, 24 and 28 inch lengths will also be available starting at $175.

Stock options will also be offered soon along with the ability to convert the rear stock to take a Remington 870, 1100/1187, Mossberg pump or Benelli type replacement.

SAVE $155 WHEN PRE-ORDERING! Order today for $995. Check it out at Predator Tactical’s website or use the quick order form at

Predator Tactical LLC provides innovative firearms, accessories, instructional videos, and professional firearms training throughout the world. Visit:

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