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Jotto Gear

NRA Handgun Holster by Jotto Gear

NRA Jotto Gear

NRA Jotto Gear

Rogers, AR -( It’s your right to have or carry for personal defense, but there are times when you simply don’t want to or can’t carry.

When you take your handgun off your person, be smart about it. Have a safe place to lock it up while keeping it near you and accessible with the NRA Handgun Holster by NRA Jotto Gear.

Experts recommend having more than one location to lock up your firearm, especially if you move your firearm around with you. Have options by installing multiple NRA Handgun Holsters in your vehicle, home and office.

The holster can easily be installed into a car glove box, trunk or center console with secure mounting brackets. The brackets allow the holster to be fitted horizontally or vertically and in addition to your car or RV, fits well into or on the side of a cabinet, nightstand or desk.

According to the Bureau of Justice, more than 1.4 million guns were stolen between 2005-2010. Safeguard against a car thief, or home or office burglar, with the NRA Handgun Holster which employs a classic holster design made of steel for safety and durability. The holster has a locking device that sets it apart from others on the market keeping it safe from thieves and curious children alike.

Barrel-lock keyed, the holster has a Quick Flip Locking Bale which works to lock the handgun securely into the holster. The rugged steel holster comes lined with a soft Gould and GoodrichTM black premium tanned cowhide leather; known for its durability, which works to keep your firearm clean and free from nicks and scratches.

Made in the USA, the NRA Handgun Holster is designed to fit most semi-automatic handguns from Berettas and Colts to Glocks and Smith & Wessons, among others. The patent-pending designed works with most tactical lights and laser grips.

About NRA Jotto Gear

NRA Jotto Gear offers officially NRA licensed products designed to intelligently store and keep your firearms and other gear accessible. In addition to the NRA Handgun Holster, products include the NRA Home Defense Cabinet and the NRA Cargo Slide for pickup trucks. All products are constructed of the finest materials and technologies available and are manufactured at the highest standards in order to deliver superior products worthy of the Jotto Gear and NRA names. NRA Jotto Gear is an affiliate brand of Jotto Desk, offering computer mounts and docking & mounting stations for mobile professionals as well as being the only Total Solutions Provider for the Public Safety market.

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