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Pursuit Channel

Pursuit Channel

Glenwood, AL – ( Pursuit Channel, America’s most widely distributed hunt, fish, and shoot network reaching more than 42 million U.S. television homes, announced today the installation of a new high definition (HD) server solution that makes its channel available in HD to distributors who elect to upgrade their standard definition (SD) format.

Several cable TV providers and connected-TV distributors already have elected to carry the 1080i HD feed. In addition, with its higher efficiencies, the new HD server dramatically improves the picture quality of Pursuit Channel’s SD signal carried by many of its distributors.

“We upgraded our head end with cutting-edge, server-based HD equipment, and as a result, we now originate with a pristine HD picture for TV distributors electing to deliver our channel in HD,” said Rusty Faulk, CEO of Pursuit Channel. “As an added benefit of upgrading to an HD server, the quality of our SD signal has drastically improved, giving a superior, wide-screen format and a near HD viewing experience. Following a year of investment, testing and side-by-side comparison, the Pursuit Channel SD signal quality is now on par or better than our competitors. Plus, we’re making our HD feed available to all distributors who want to give their viewers the remarkable depth, crispness and bold color saturation of our full 1080i HD signal – an unparalleled outdoors viewing experience.”

“The upgrades also allow viewers watching Pursuit Channel in either HD or SD a 16:9 wide-screen dimension without distortion or the distraction of the letterbox effect while completely filling the screen in a beautiful, edge-to-edge picture with just a few clicks of the remote,” Faulk continued.

Incrementally, the new server-based system has Pursuit Channel poised to unveil a markedly advanced level of network interstitials, including up-next promotions, block tune-ins and news and programming crawls. These insertions can deliver state-of-the-art producer promotions, the likes of which have never before been seen on any outdoors network. For many distributors, these advances can be customized for their viewers with exclusive promotions.

“We’ve made smart, large, long-term investments to keep Pursuit Channel at the top of the game indefinitely,” said Dan Starr, CFO for Pursuit Channel. “Our 1080i HD feed is a very desirable new product for satellite, cable and over-the-top providers looking for fresh concepts in offering viewers greater channel clarity. Thanks to our provocative approach, the addition of millions more viewers is now well within our sights.”

Highlighting its six-year anniversary this year, Pursuit Channel features a full schedule of engaging features, including: Ducks Unlimited Television, Brush Country Monster’s, Mossy Oak’s Deer T.H.U.G.s, Fred Zink’s Avian-X, North American Hunter, Wallhanger TV, Doug Koenig’s Championship Season, American Airgunner, Alex Rutledge’s Bloodline, Sport Fishing TV, Hank Parker’s Outdoor Magazine, Cabela’s Fisherman’s Handbook, Shoot Straight with Chad Schearer, Gun Talk TV, Guns & Gear TV, 3-Gun Nation, Winchester and Drury’s Natural Born, F&T’s Freedom Outdoors, Boundless with William Russell and Where in the World is Colorado Buck. About Pursuit Channel Pursuit Channel,, active in more than 42 million U.S. television households viewing SD/HD linear and robust OTT feeds, is the only audited outdoors television network viewable to every DIRECTV (604 PRST) and DISH Network (393 PRST) subscriber. Visit MOOSE Media,, for directs sales and marketing efforts for Pursuit Channel.

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