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Tony Bernardo

Speech: Canadian Shooting Sports Assoc’s Tony Bernardo Addresses The United Nations

Canadian Shooting Sports Association

Canadian Shooting Sports Association

Canada - -( For the sixth time CSSA’s Executive Director Tony B. has addressed the United Nations regarding gun control.

In this address he directed his remarks toward the government of Canada regarding the implementation of the Programme of Action and encourages the government to stand strong against the U.N. attempt to foist gun control laws on the modern nations of the world.

Here is the text of the speech:

“Mr. Chairman, I am Tony Bernardo, executive director of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association. We are Canada’s principal shooting sports NGO, representing some 22,000 members who are lawful firearms owners and responsible Canadian citizens.

Canada has been unwilling to implement portions of the Programme of Action due to the potential harm it could inflict on our country’s lawful and licensed civilian firearms industry. Not implementing this initiative in Canada is not detrimental to the rest of the world as our current arms controls far exceed the UN standard.

Some other Canadian NGOs favour full implementation of the PoA, but we suspect their interests are merely consistent with an ongoing agenda to eradicate private firearms ownership of any kind.

Our association commends Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney, and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird for having the wisdom and foresight to forgo regulations that would force Canadians to adopt these expensive and needless measures. They would serve only to over-regulate Canada’s indigenous industry that already conducts itself both legally and responsibly. Surely these views reflect those of our members and all Canadians who revere basic human rights.

Canada has extensive real-life experience with laws forged by former governments that unnecessarily damaged the lawful and legitimate firearms industry. In the Canadian context, the PoA is more of the same and would unnecessarily hobble our trustworthy businesses. Canada’s has had enough of well-intentioned but bad legislation from the 1990s that has carried over to this day.

While basic firearms regulation may be necessary for some countries of the world, a blanket application for all nations unfairly disregards Canada’s responsible legacy of good conduct. This lesson has been learned by the current Canadian government, which is fortunately in the process of modifying and repealing specific laws that do public safety more harm than good.

The Canadian Shooting Sports Association urges Canada to walk away from international agreements that could be detrimental to our lawful firearms industry and jeopardize the personal freedoms of all Canadians.

The Programme of Action has done little to enhance the safety of those who need it most, and it threatens Canada’s legitimate firearms industry and the freedoms of all who reside there. Thankfully, our government has rejected the PoA based upon these critical shortcomings.

In closing, the Canadian Shooting Sports Association urges the Government of Canada to stay the course. We hope it continues to refuse to support an initiative that utterly fails to fulfill Canada’s needs and threatens the livelihood of our lawful firearms businesses.”

The CSSA is the voice of the sport shooter and firearms enthusiast in Canada. Our national membership supports and promotes Canada’s firearms heritage, traditional target shooting competition, modern action shooting sports, hunting, and archery. We support and sponsor competitions and youth programs that promote these Canadian heritage activities. Website

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