Tipton Gun Cleaning Supplies Takes Away the Chore of Gun Maintenance at MGW

Midwest Gun Works carries Tipton’s rods, vises, brushes, mops, snap caps, solvents, solutions and more to keep your firearms in top condition.

MGW's Tipton Deluxe 1-Piece Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod
MGW’s Tipton Deluxe 1-Piece Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod
Tipton Gun Cleaning Supplies
Tipton Gun Cleaning Supplies

PEVELY, MO (June 2014) –Midwest Gun Works Inc., (MGW),  a one-stop shop for firearms parts, accessories and gunsmithing services, proudly announces the Tipton Gun Cleaning Supplies section at Midwestgunworks.com is now open.

Tipton Gun Cleaning Supplies are known for their outstanding dedication to the production of firearms cleaning tools, solvents and solutions that make cleaning firearms more efficient in less time. Keeping firearms well maintained with Tipton® products will enhance the performance of any firearm and keep firearms parts from corroding and fouling.

MGW Tipton Gun Butler
MGW Tipton Gun Butler

Tipton offers several gun vises that act as your “third arm” when working on a handgun, rifle or shotgun. MGW carries the Tipton 1911 Mag Well Vise block designed to be used on the Tipton Best Gun Vise or mounted to a bench or table.

The Gun Butler is an affordable option for gun cleaning or holding a rifle to mount optics. The Gun Butler has a cavity for holding solvents, oils, brushes or jags. Easily transportable, the Gun Butler keeps gun cleaning supplies organized and handy whether on a bench or out at the shooting range for a retail price of only $24.00.

Tipton’s cleaning rods are top of the line and have been used by the US Military during Operation Iraqi Freedom because of their ability to clean service rifles under demanding conditions. The Deluxe 1-Piece Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod is made from carbon fiber with an ergonomic grip that spins on ball bearings. The carbon fiber rod won’t scratch the bore like a stainless steel rod can and it won’t pick up small abrasive particles which can scratch the bore like “coated” rods can.

MGW Tipton Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rods
MGW Tipton Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rods

Carbon fiber is also extremely flexible and can be bent to extreme degrees and return to their original straightness. The ergonomic handle spins on two sets of ball bearings allowing the cleaning rod to smoothly follow the rifling in both pushing and pulling, even under pressure. The shank-through construction allows the user to apply “reasonable” hammer blows to the end of the cleaning rod to get a tight patch through a bore. The Tipton Deluxe 1-Piece Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod is available in seven diameters and seven lengths to fit most rifles, pistols and shotguns. Watch the video to see more.

The Tipton Truly Remarkable Bore Solvent quickly removes copper, lead and powder and is gentle on the bore. It also contains a rust preventative to keep your chamber and bore in like-new condition for $10.25.

MGW Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit
MGW Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit

MGW also carries the Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit that features all the best cleaning accessories in one convenient portable kit. Premium components include a stainless steel cleaning rod with multi-bearing handle, Tipton’s Ultra Jag Set and Best Bore Brush and their RAPID Deluxe Bore Guide Set. The Ultra Cleaning Kit is the go-to kit for any rifle .22 caliber or larger. MSRP is $120.00.

The 26-Piece Ultra Jag and Best Bore Brush Set includes all the brushes and jags ever needed for calibers from .17 to .45. Organized in a carrying case with hinged lids and marked cavities, this set allows you to select the correct jag and brush for any application and caliber providing an optimum fit for a thorough cleaning. Available at MGW for $30.00.

Tipton® Gun Cleaning Supplies will enhance your firearms performance and protect your investment for the future.See the Tipton Gun Cleaning Video.

To find out more about Tipton Gun Cleaning at Midwest Gun Works, visit www.midwestgunworks.com or become part of the conversation on Facebook.


About Midwest Gun Works, Inc.:

Midwest Gun Works was founded in Pevely, Missouri in 1997 by Rich Mcgehee and Jon Warden. Passionate about providing customers with the finest in gunsmithing craftsmanship, shooting accessories and both current and obsolete gun parts, MGW became the go-to provider of gunsmithing services for the likes of Cabela’s, Gander Mountain, Bass Pro, Scheels, Beretta, Browning, Winchester and many more companies. www.midwestgunworks.com

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