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New Series, Treasure & Traditions TV, Celebrates Sporting Heritage, Premiering June 21 on Destination America.

Treasures & Traditions TV Welcomes Henry Repeating Arms & Buck Knives

Treasures & Traditions Premieres June 21 on Destination America

Treasures and Traditions TV

Treasures and Traditions TV

aAIKEN, S.C. – Is the firearm a replica – or real? Is that western painting an original – or fake?

Tune in to the premiere of Treasures & Traditions TV on Destination Americathis Saturday, June 21 and Sunday, June 22 2014 at 9:00 a.m. EST to reveal these finds and more as this unique series shares the sporting heritage by discovering and appraising true pieces of Americana.

Longtime advocate for the outdoors, collector and avid sportsman, Bob Delfay is the host who seeks out valuable sporting art, decoys, antique firearms, vintage outboards and tackle, books and other outdoor collectibles to answer owners’ burning questions as to, “What is it worth?”

“Without exaggeration, there are millions of decades-old tackle boxes and half-filled ammunition boxes in the closets, attics and cellars of veteran fishermen and hunters that are worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars,” Delfay said.

Treasures and Traditions TV offered outdoor enthusiasts a free appraisal of their vintage items, including firearms, decoys, bows, arrows, knives artwork, you-name-it. And we are sharing the most interesting items in our premiere episodes.”

Filming at two popular outdoor trade shows in Cincinnati and Hartford, Conn., the team of Treasures & Traditions TV, which also includes TV producer Steve Pennez and well-known outdoor TV host, Bill Miller, made a few unique discoveries that warranted “Appraisers Choice” at each show.

A 1951 Colt Navy Revolver that was thought to be a replica but turned out to be the real deal was named the “Appraiser’s Choice” at the Northeast Fishing and Hunting Show at Hartford, Conn.The appeal of the gun, according to the appraisers, was not so much its rarity, or its value, but the fact that the owner had brought it to the event believing it was a reproduction.

In his words, “I traded it to a friend for one of the first digital watches ever made and it came in one of those glitzy boxes with red velvet lining that reproductions often come in. However, all four of the firearms appraisers on hand at the event confirmed that it was the genuine article—and a nice example at that.”

The revolver was appraised at approximately $2,000.

Detroit Minnow Cage and Detroit Minnow Tube lures from 1914-15 in nearly new condition were named “Appraiser’s Choice” at the Cincinnati Hunting & Fishing Show.

“I couldn’t tell if the owner of the lures or our appraiser was more excited about the appraisal of these two extraordinary vintage lures,” commented Steve Pennaz, Executive Producer for Treasures & Traditions TV and angling expert. “The lures were among four that were in a cigar box purchased at an auction for $10.00. The owner had no idea of the potential value of the lures, which was estimated at between $6,500 and $7,000.”

To learn more about Treasures & Traditions TV, visit and

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