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Kahr Arms CW380 Purple Pistol

Kahr Arms CW380 Purple Pistol

Kahr Arms

Kahr Arms

Pomona, NY –-( Kahr Arms is once again brightening up their product line by introducing another new color; purple.

Following the success of their Cobalt Blue Kahr CW9, Black and Orange Auto Ordnance 1911, Burnt Bronze Desert Eagle and the popular Kahr PM9 in Robin Eggshell Blue, Kahr Firearms Group has partnered this time with Davidson’s, Inc., one of the largest and most progressive firearms wholesalers in America, to introduce a purple version in either the CW9 or CW380.

Both models feature the same great features as the standard model, but to meet the demands of shooters who are looking for something a little more different and a whole lot sexier, they decided to add the purple polymer frame to two of their most popular pistols.

The first offering in the purple pistol product line is the CW9. The pistol features a 3.565” barrel with conventional rifling, and a 1-10 right-hand twist. The weight, height and width of this firearm make it perfect for concealed carry. It measures 4.5” in height, and 5.9” in overall length. Weight is just 15.8 oz. with an additional weight of 1.9 oz. to accommodate the magazine. The capacity is 7+1. The slide width is 0.90”. The CW9 features drift adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight and pinned in polymer front sight. The purple color is a first time offering for the CW9.

Also offered in purple, is the CW380. Like the CW9, this pistol is also packed with features but in a smaller frame. The CW380 measures just 4.96” in overall length, height is 3.9” and it weighs just 10.2 oz. with an additional magazine weight of 1.3 oz. and the slide width is 0.75”. The CW380 has a capacity of 6+1. Like the CW9, the CW380 also features drift adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight and pinned in polymer front sight.

The lighter, smaller and thinner CW9 and CW380 make it a popular choice for concealed carry but also for those shooters who prefer a comfortable grip with easy concealment and reliable accuracy and stopping power.

The MSRP on the purple CW9093PRDAV is just $435.00 and the MSRP on the CW3833PRDAV is $404, and both pistols are being sold exclusively through Davidson’s.

Kahr Arms CW9 Purple Pistol

Kahr Arms CW9 Purple Pistol

Dealers can purchase from Davidson’s at, and consumers can purchase on Gallery of Guns at The purple CW9 will be available beginning in July and the purple CW380 will be available sometime in August.

For more information on the complete line of Kahr handguns, please visit

  • 5 User comments to “Kahr Arms Partners with Davidson’s, Inc. to Offer Purple Pistols”

    1. Nice to see some marketing towards the ladies besides Pink AR’s .Kinda of ironic on the Black rifle.

    2. Angel on July 5, 2014 at 6:23 AM said:

      Personally, I feel these pastel arms are awful. Maybe it’s because I’ve been involved in hunting, gun sales & the shooting sports since WAY before there were gun purses & women’s shooting/hunting clothing. Yeah, I was into guns long before it was cool for women–so I guess that’s why I’m old-school on this. It’s a tool to me, not a fashion accessory.

      BUT…herein lies the beauty of America & Free Market principles: more choices = more freedom. If people want it, shoot–make it & sell it! In this day & age, everyone is used to getting any thing any way they want it. So, if the addition of color can make people more comfortable in exercising their God-given rights, go for it. It’s just not going into any of my holsters. =)

      Let me play Devil’s Advocate: is anyone wondering when the Anti’s are gonna start screaming that we’re marketing to children with all the cool colors–making them look like toys?

    3. BTW, I am a woman. I thought I put that in there somewhere!

    4. Bloomberg banned colored firearms and toy guns in NYC 2006. Nassau county joined in and lost in court. So yes anti’s will try to ban for any reason.

    5. Biggdogg on August 12, 2014 at 6:40 PM said:

      My girlfriend likes as for I dont to girly for me lol

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